Help me plan my SO (if I am lucky enough to be able to do that)

  1. So the queen of impetuousness and instant gratification would like to actually plan a Hermes.
    I have a bb birkin 30 with ph and a black 35 with gh...both in clemence.
    Someday I would like a day to night birkin in 30 gold or potiron with gh but that is not the one that I need help with.
    I want another 35. I love the 35 for an everyday bag when I need a break from black. I want another dark color and am thinking of a chocolate. Again I want gh for this bag. I tend to wear gold more than palladium. I don't want clemence (although I love clemence) because it may not feel different enough from my black...what would you ladies suggest? what exact color brown (I prefer darker) and what leather? I don't like super rigid and don't want anything slouchier than clemence. I also would prefer something that isn't super high maintenance. I am thinking evergrain, chevre or any of those fit the bill? would you suggest something else?
    Also for gh, is there anything different than the regular shiny? (again for a little difference from my black beauty).
    Does the perfect bag exist for me?:shrugs:
  2. crack me up...I took that info in and started to process it and you kept spitting out more and more and more!!! I need to think a minute.
  3. How about a marron fonce chevre?
  4. You could get a brushed gold I suppose, but I can picture marron fonce with gold hardware quite nicely!
  5. chocolate box. yum.
  6. I am not sure how dif. chevre looks compared to fjord (I am sure it does, I just never seen it side by side) but I tried on a 35cm Birkin in marron fonce (fjord) with Gold Hardware and the combo looked AMAZING!:heart:
  7. chevre de coromandel tends to have a glossy look, fjord is flatter and matte. I love marron fonce.
  8. I think Ebene in Evergrain with gold HW would be lovely. :love:
  9. Ebene chevre?
  10. Marron Fonce or Ebene Fjord...are my picks.
  11. Chocolate is so nice.
  12. Took the words right out of my mouth. There is also Cocoan in Chevre, a little less dark. I'd also suggest Marron Fonce in Fjord; Fjord is great but will be heavy in a 35cm. Better for a 30cm--great low maintainance leather.
  13. How do marron fonce, chocolate and ebene differ in shade?
  14. ebene is the darkest, and has a slightly black undertone, marron-fonce is next, with a slight 'red' undertone, then chocolate, which looks like milk chocolate in most leathers.

    You may not have luck ordering a Chevre bag at the next few podiums. All the chevre SO's were rejected, I was told, except for a few select colours.
  15. Chevre podium orders were rejected but chevre SOs can still be made.