Help me Pickalily

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Which Lily?

  1. Steel spongy patent Lily

  2. Gunmetal Sparkle Tweed Lily

  3. Black Soft Spongey Lily

  4. Outsider - Black mini Margaret

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Help, I have decided to use my voucher to get a new Lily as I love my Oak one sooooo much!

    I have narrowed it down to the above 4 choices but would love some outside opinions! DH has said I should get either the steel or the sparkle, and I do have a black Poppy clutch but thought I would keep the black option in as its so classic.

  2. I went for Gunmetal Sparkle Tweed - just as it is that bit different :biggrin:
  3. I went for sparkle tweed too - it is soooo pretty!
  4. I love the gunmetal sparkle tweed!
  5. I've only seen the oak and black nvt irl, but from what I've seen online, the gunmetal looks very pretty - a bit of a change to plain black x
  6. Wow Charlie - looking good for Sparkle Tweed so far!
  7. well I bucked the trend and voted for the steel option! Whilst I'm loving the gunmetal now I'm not sure if I will in a few months/a year's time kwim? Just my opinion! ;)
  8. Gunmetal sparkle is just so special CF
  9. I voted steel! I love all the lily's though. Its a hard, but nice choice.
    Good luck :smile:
  10. yea i agree, gunmetal is so pretty!! Good luck!
  11. Have only seen oak an black irl, but can agree on how fab the Lily is, I really want one!

    Looking forward to seeing which one you decide on =)
  12. Wow, the Sparkle Tweed does seem to be pulling ahead rather!

    Yes this has concerened me too, plus I wonder if it will show wear :shrugs:
  13. Gunmetal sparkle for me as well. I'm not great with gold hardware so this gets my vote!
    (I do love the grape suede Margaret's as well though, know not in the poll, but thought I should mention it;))
  14. Good luck CF. I would have gone for the Python with no hesitation!! But, I love snakeskin!!
    The gunmetal sparkle will compliment your oak one well!
  15. Yes the HW is an issue for me too! I love the purple Suede Margaret but I already have a RN small Bays clutch. Thanks though!

    I LOVE the python, but my voucher won't quite cover it!