help me pick


which one?????

  1. damier cles

  2. damier azur cles

  3. damier mini pochette

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  1. hello again tpfers;)

    need help in picking my next purchase.......

    which one should i pick, i like them all but i can only afford one:crybaby: .....
    i intend to use it everyday with either mono speedy 25 or damier speedy 30

    thanks so much in advance:love:
  2. I voted for the mini pochette, just because I think it's so elegant and classy!
  3. ^me too!
  4. I think the mini pochette is sooo cute!:heart:
  5. mini pochette! :yes:
  6. Depends on what you're going to use it for.
    I like the mini pochette too but the cles would look cute attached as a bag charm. I'd think of it this way, in terms of uses:
    Mini pochette- TINY bag for really short trips, makeup bag or other accessories
    Cles- change holder, bag charm, extra CC holder
  7. I think the mini pochette would get a lot more use.
  8. azur cles! or the azur mini pochette. yum
  9. i agree although i still can't decide:sad: ......i think i'd get more use of cles but for the price diff is so small that i'm thinking of getting the mini poch but i'd only get to use it on formals/ evenings.......i think i need to sleep on it and decide tom.......

    thanks for voting tpfers:love:
  10. Mini pochette :love:
    Bought it yesterday and I'm in love... it's so cute and soooo... mini :roflmfao:
    You can use it during the day, too, it fits only a small wallet and keys, or a mobile phone... I don't know whether it is handy or not, but it's gorgeous!!! :supacool:
  11. Damier mini fits more and will match the speedy
  12. mini pochette! :yes:
  13. I second that.
  14. Mini pochette
  15. i voted for the mini pochette cos it's soooooooo cute! if ya are gonna use your cles everyday, i think the damier azur cles is out cos it's hard to maintain!