Help me pick !!!

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  1. Dear All

    I wanted your opinion on the neverfull. Which one do you prefer the monogram classic canvas or the ebene damier?? Which one do you prefer and why? I am totally torn and need help figuring out which one to get.
  2. I have the Mono GM but purchased it before the Damier Ebene was released. I still love my Mono but If I was to do it all again, I would choose the Damier Ebene - probably for the red lining LOL.
  3. It all depends on what you already have...

    Mono - Pro: soft vachetta - Con: Vachetta darkening to look dirty or old
    Ebene - Pro: Rain-proof - Con: Peeling handles
  4. ^ I agree. When I first started buying LV I was only attracted to monogram. After a few mono bags, I then started to like Damier Ebene. So I would choose Damier Ebene since I favor it more these days.
  5. I would go with the damier ebene ... Just don't like the mono
  6. I have it in DE and love it. It is my go to bag and basically worry free.
  7. I thought monogram and damier were the same canvas material. Is that Not the case?
  8. Damier. The red lining is gorgeous!!
  9. I have it in ebene and i LOVE it. It is very low maintenance and the reg lining is so pretty!
  10. Ebene :heart:33333
  11. Ebene :heart:33333
  12. I would get the Ebene
  13. Ebene!!!!
  14. Ebene. I'm a Damier fan. It's such a worry free bag.
  15. I say Damier Ebene.