help me pick!

  1. because of the price increase...

    damier pap 26 or epi soufflot? (either lilac or vanilla)
  2. Epi Soufflot!

    i think the Papillon only looks good in the size 30, and the Soufflot is that size :yes:
  3. can you post pics of both?
  4. another vote for soufflot :heart:
  5. Epi soufflot--either color. Beautiful!
  6. I think either would be a fine choice but I've never seen anyone with an epi soufflot (especially not in lilac) so I'd pick that before the damier papillon.
  7. I never really like Soufflot before not until bags4me showed off all the bags..I love it now..

    I will vote for Soufflot..I agre with Sandra I prefer my damier papi in 30..
  8. My vote is for the Soufflot. Gorgeous bag........
  9. I am a sucker for epi, & those are such pretty colors, so I think you should get the Soufflot.
  10. uh oh...

    what about between damier pap, epi jasmin, and epi soufflot?
  11. i like damier pap
  12. and i like u too :wlae:

  13. Since the soufflot is no longer available in lilac or vanilla, then the price increase would not directly affect those two items.
  14. that's what i'm thinking too. but i still vote for the soufflot!
  15. Soufflot for me!