help me pick!

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  1. i'm currently picking out my first pair of christian louboutins and i can't decide which to choose! please help me decide :smile:

    pick 1)

    pick 2)|CallType=Product&prodId=ACH017&des=&cat=&season=SPRING/SUMMER&gender=women&group=

    now, as for the sizing, i'm typically a 38-38.5, with a wide foot, so i figure that i will need to get a 39 in either pair of shoes for a proper fit. any suggestions?

    thanks so much in advance!
  2. my vote is for 2! im not sure on the sizing but there are a couple other girls that have those here so maybe they will chime in!
  3. I prefer #2. I'm iffy on the color combo of #1. I think that color combo might be difficult to pull off, especially in the fall/winter.
  4. I like #2 better also!
  5. I like the second pair also. But have no idea of sizing since I've never tried them on. With a wide foot I'd think 39.5. I'm a 38/8 (US) and I wear a 39 most of the time (my foot is medium).
  6. Hm, the sizing depends on the shape of your foot as well. My feet are on the wide side of normal, and I'm a US 8.5, but a 39 in most of my Louboutins.
  7. Not me --- I LOVE the first choice. You are in the DC area (McLean native stuck on west coast now) so you can probably get a good 8 months wear of that color....12 if you wear cool tights with them...think pale grey tights. I love the lilac - I'm on a purple thing also and think for your first pair you need a va va voom color. Enjoy and post pics when you get them!
  8. ^^Oh, I also prefer the first pair, and have heard that the New Simples run TTS, so you might want to consider a 38.5.
  9. I loooove the first pair! You will be able to wear those ALL the time. And the colour is pale, but it's still vibrant. It's not TOO pale! It's just perfect. I think it's gorgeous!
  10. Daisy if you and I ever shopped together I have a feeling we'd be going after the same shoes!!!!
  11. LOL! Hopefully in different sizes too, or else there'd be an all-out battle! :biggrin:
  12. i'm in on the first pair too!!! i've never been a fan of that second style.
  13. Hm, I'm pretty sure you guys are the same size...

  14. It'd be close.....I'm a 37 in most CL shoes.......
  15. I like the 1st pair more, i think they are more fun & versatile because of the color & style - i like the 2nd pr too but it has a more boho vibe to it to me vs classic -