Help me pick

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  1. I am in the market for a light color Balenciaga.
    My options:
    A city in the Sahara color for $950
    A work in a white color for $1195
    A city or work (can't make the size) in a rose color for $1000

  2. Sahara City would be my pick. Work has no strap, so in white, the handles are eventually going to get dirty and it's a really big bag and that's a lot of white. Rose you're limited in what you wear it with. What year is the rose color? If it's 2004 Rose then that would be my first choice.

  3. It is 2006
  4. My vote goes to the rose coloured city/work,

  5. I personally love Balenciaga whites, but a work is a whole lot of bag and you would need to practice a lot more care in keeping it clean. I keep debating a white bag for that exact reason. The white bag, I feel, would get more mileage than Sahara and Rose.

    I would pass on the Sahara. I think I'm in the minority of people who doesn't like Sahara, as it matches my skintone too much and it looks a wreck on me.

    Rose, which rose? 04 Rose? 04 Rose is gorgeous and I would snatch that up because it's the prettiest Bal pink. If it's one of the newer pinks incorrectly identified as Rose, I'd have to see the pink to tell you. I'm not too heavily into the Petal Pink color, but I do love the Pale Magenta. I have an RH coin purse in PM and it's gorge!

    With any light color bag, you need to take care of it more so as not to get it dirty/wear it out.
  6. How's the condition of the Rose city/work? If good, then I'd definitely go with the '04.
  7. Ah, Pale Rose. That color is super light and some members have had theirs yellow.Is the bag showing signs of yellowing?
  8. Seller claims it is 06. It is a very pale rose color
  9. No, but now that you mention it can happen as it is very pale
  10. Sahara City - I think that color is very versatile and the City has the shoulder strap. If I were to buy a light colored bag (which is just tempting fate for me;), I'd get the Sahara - I've seen a few bags in that color IRL and it's very pretty.
  11. I think the Sahara is the most "wearable."
  12. I'd go with Sahara. I have one and I love her. Goes with everything!
    One word of caution on any of those bags is color transfer from clothing. The corners of my Sahara have gotten a little blue from my dark William Rast jeans. For the most part, LMB cleaner has removed it but I'm afraid over time, with the corners getting normal wear, it will be more difficult to get color out.
  13. sahara!
  14. Sahara City. Soooo chic.
  15. I would get the Sahara City. It's a great wearable color :yes: