Help me pick!


Which bag would you drop your money for?? :oP

  1. Cabas Raye GM

  2. Sac Riveting

  3. Nimbus

  4. MC Rita-either color

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  1. Oooooooook! So, if you've read the other thread about one of my friends possibly picking up something LV from Paris (perhaps Spain) which one would you pick?

    Cabas Raye GM (1370 Euros=1855 USD)----- I've only seen one modeling pic but I love that it has a shoulder strap!!

    Sac Riveting(1300 Euros=1760 USD)---- looks kinda saggy perhaps? I wonder the strap drop?

    Nimbus(1700 Euros=2302 USD)---- It's a cloud bag- what can I say- they are beautiful!!!!

    MC Rita in either color (1350 Euros= 1828USD)--- once again- I'm sold on the fact it has a shoulder strap!!

    Tell me what ya think everybody!

    + I still lack knowledge on LE - I know Rita isn't but are the rest? ++ I've attached mod pics, I hope the owners of these beauties don't mind- thank you: ilovebags, Jill, happie_berrie, and photomama24 for the lovely pics!!!!
    cabas2.jpg sac riveting.jpg nimbus.jpg rita.jpg
  2. Nimbus! Which color are you thinking of? Make sure your friend get the right color cuz mine got mixed up T.T
  3. ^---yes- I read the post and I still feel bad for you---that was a lot of money to get a wrong color!!!

    I am actually really really liking the BEIGE (funny, isn't that the color you didn't want?)
  4. I voted for the Rita - I think the shape is really unique :smile: But the Cloud is also a nice second choice!
  5. Lol, think i post b4 u finish the poll :shame: Beige is such pretty color, but too bad it doesn't work out w/my skin tone *sigh* but keep in mind Nimbus is made of lambskin, so it's not as easy for your friend to travel w/it compare w/other choices you have there.:idea:
  6. *sighs*

    If I had the money----they'd all be mine!!!
  7. Classic- whaddya mean? Like because it's animal skin or because the leather can pick up stuff, i.e. dirt, dust, easier than the others?
  8. Get the Nimbus!
  9. hey Kuuipo---I love your Le Fab!!! But I'd get it in Black!
  10. will it's made of delicate Lambskin, requires more tender care than if you were to get a canvas bag. btw which Rivet u r considering, mono/black/white-lambskin?
  11. Hmmm...I like the Rivet better, but in lambskin not mono...
  12. oooo~~~ I love the MONO riveting!!!

    and yea- I totally understand "upper divison leather" now---- my bbag is still in hiding 2 days later!!!!!

    *yikes* wait- not really---- I carry my LV's holding my breath sometime!!!
  13. definitely nimbus!!!
  14. It's in between the Nimbus and the Cabas Raye... I choose the Nimbus!
  15. I vote for the Nimbus too:heart: