help me pick!!

  1. im stuck between the two...what do you guys think?

    which one?? thanks in advance!!! ;)
  2. Personally, I always get a leather wallet, it lasts longer and easier to take care. So, I vote for the Guccissima.
  3. I vote for the first one.
  4. I like the Leather
  5. Silver Guccissima!
  6. Definitely the leather one!
  7. The first one !
  8. Silver Guccissima, definitely!!
  9. I like the first one! But I thought it's gold?
  10. Thr first one, the color is gorgeous
  11. I vote for the first one.
  12. hmm... based on the wallets alone - I'm drawn to the metallic one, but I have a huge bias for metallic - I LOVE metallic.

    However, somehow I feel like that particular metallic doesn't go as well with Damier as the second wallet. the bright leather on the inside I think would look FAB with damier! only saying cuz I "know" you as damier queen....

    Perhaps Guccisima leather in a colour similar to the trim of the second wallet?
  13. jadecee u know me well! the reason i had the red trim wallet as a comparison is because of the red interior of damier bags! :yes:

    i dunno what i want! i want a summer wallet!

  14. :drool: :drool:

    Im in love with both of'em!! The platinum one is gorgeous, go with that one, because it wont be availabe for long. You can always get a jacquard one later (though Ive never seen red trim before).