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What should I get?

  1. One Chanel Cambon bag

  2. LV Graffiti & Cherry Blossom pochette

  3. LV Graffiti pochette & spend the extra on clothes

  4. LV Cherry Blossom pochette & spend the extra on clothes

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  1. So my 21st is in a few weeks & I keep going back & forth between a few bags & I really can't pick! So please help me! What do you think? Should I get one Chanel Cambon bag, or a LV graffiti & LV Cherry Blossom pochette, or just one LV & spend the extra money on clothes! All the choices sound good to me but which do you all think would be the best?
  2. I would say get one one of the LVs and spend the rest on clothes!
  3. I like that idea ^^^ but do you have a Chanel bag already?
  4. Definitely 1 Chanel!
  5. Just had to say, I LOVE your sig quote :love:
  6. I voted for both pochettes. Except I didn't realize they were both pochettes when I voted. I though they were two differnent styles, apparently I can't read. :shame: I still think limited edition LV is the way to go, I probably wouldn't get them both in the same style. I would get a graffiti speedy or alma and a cherry blossom pochette, but if that's a little above your price range, I would go for the CB pochette and spend the rest on clothes.
  7. Thanks guys! I don't have any Chanel or any LV so this is why this I really cannot make a decision. Plus, I am very far from either boutique so I am looking into mypoupette & just pictures. This is why I need all of your advice who have expierence with both brands! I really appriate it!!
  8. I voted for the least popular ... LV graffiti pochette and extra clothes. The LV graffiti pochette is hard to find so if you find one you should get it. You can always buy the Cambon bag later.
  9. Who me?
  10. I think if you don't have either then you are safe both ways. I love the Chanel and it is so elegant and a forever bag (although I know some people don't find this to be true with the camboon style) so if you have not spent a big chunck on a purse go with something that is easier on your wallet (speaking of wallets you can get a LV with a matching wallet :nuts: !!!)
  11. Chanel Cambon Bag!! It's sporty looking!!! And a classic one at that!!
  12. Which Cambon bag are you thinking of getting?
  13. I should also add, I don't really want a bag that I wont be able to use all the time. I'd like to be able to use which ever bag I get often, seeing as how it will be expensive, I plan to get my moneys worth! So does anyone know how durable or practical these bags would be for a college student? I'm not going to be playing outside with them or anything, but I wont be buying these as fancy bags to wear on special occasions, I want them for more of an everyday use like my Burberry. Thank you all sooo much I LOVE hearing from you all!!!
  14. Probably the pochette, although I would looove the large tote but that would be the mst expensive purchase I have ever made (excluding my car) & I'm not sure I'm ready for that...
  15. if it's your first LV or Chanel purchase i would say go for something classic if you want to use it alot. i have a brown CB pochette and it's gorgeous but i rarely use it! it's kind of small and doesn't go with everything. i say go for the Chanel or maybe a Monogram LV speedy 25 or 30 or a tote, you'd get alot more use out of your purchase