Help me pick which one to buy?!?

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  1. I'm trying to decide between a French Purse wallet in white MC or a Zippy Cerises wallet. They are a $5 difference and I love them both. Do you think if I get the white MC it will get dirty faster :Push:? I really am not sure which one will get the most mileage your help is as always appreciated....
  2. Love the Cerises! That's a classic and gorgeous!
  3. I'd get the cerises zippy, it is LE after all ! :yes:
  4. I have the white MC wapity and it doesn`t get dirty. It is sitting inside your purse for the most part. And, if you condition regularly (I use Apple) it stays looking crisp, clean and new. I say go for whichever one makes your heart putter!! Let us know though :smile:
  5. ditto.

  6. Go with cerises zippy, it's too cute :love:
  7. I'd get the cerises zippy
  8. ITA Cerises...lovely x
  9. Cerises for sure! I have the white MC zippy coin purse and it's got some colour transfer.
  10. I have the French purse in Vernis and I love it, except you should be aware if you carry much cash at all, it makes it thick enough the bills don't always lie perfect in the wallet. i didn't know that and it can be a wee bit irkesome. I still adore the wallet in Vernis, but truth be told I like to carry a lot of bills in all denominations so I have change and it can sometimes be annoying. I haven't seen the zippy, so I can't comment on that. Good luck. Maybe ask the store if you can try putting some bills in the displays so you can just see how they work before you decide. Don't know if they will do that for you, but they should....
  11. cerises zippy
  12. I pick Cerises Zippy also ... although I hardly use mine.