Help me pick which one! Mini lily ,Bayswater clutch , quoted small darley.

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  1. Hi All

    So I ordered a few bags with the intention of returning two of them.

    I ordered the pumpkin orange mini lily, oxblood Bayswater clutch and the quited small darley in burgundy.

    The mini lily and Bayswater are special purchase from the website and I know that have been discountinued for a while.

    I’ve owned and sold a lime green Bayswater clutch as it didn’t work any more.

    I own two regular lily’s but not a mini. Not sure if it looks too small on me

    I own a small darley in the porcelain blue so I know I like the bag. Do I need the same bag again.

    I would love all your views on it. Thanks x
  2. Did you sell the Bayswater clutch because you didn't use it - and was that because of the colour or the shape/size of the bag?

    I personally am not a fan of the mini Lily - I think it's too small. My mum has one in Oxblood, and it is really nice, but I can't fit my phone in it, so I wouldn't get much use out of it. My mum has an old small iphone, so she doesn't have that problem.
    The pumpkin one on Mulberry's website does not seem to have the leather woven through the chain which I think is a pity.

    I think the Darley looks very shiny on the website. I think I'd prefer it more matte. I also prefer the old leather and have not (yet?) warmed to the new leathers.
    However, it is a matter of taste, and if you really like that bag and get a lot of use out of the one you already have, then I don't see the issue with getting one in a different colour - I have 3 different Bayswaters and 2 black Alexas (with different hardware) and I use them all. There are a few other bags that I would be very happy to have in different colours (not Mulberry bags though).

    Out of the three bags, I think I prefer the Bayswater clutch, but that's just my preference.
  3. I much prefer the Bayswater clutch, it’s quite classic. The mini lily is just too small, and the outlet special version doesn’t look right to me with no leather through the chain. They Darley is okay, but I’m personally not a fan of quilting.