Help me pick tunes for an intermission CD! ^_^

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  1. Right now I'm making a new intermission CD for my movie theater. Want to help me pick some tunes? They have to be clean; i.e. no cussing. No hard rock or anything. Soft tunes I suppose. Here is what I have so far.

    1) Who Knows - Avril
    2) Move Alone - All American Rejects

    I have to have a full CD before work, so my mother can approve it! We've had the same one playing through the theaters since Valentine's Day, and it's getting SO ANNOYING! Ugh.

    Thanks you guys! :smile:
  2. How about Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day?
  3. There is a band called Saving Jane that has some awesome slow rockish hits. Download 'Come Down To Me' and 'Ordinary'. I love this group! Their hit song right now is 'Girl Next Door'. If you download it, let me know what you think!
  4. I would do this one but we've had it on one of our past CDs. Wanna do something kind of different. Thank you though purselova! :amuse:
  5. Totally will! I have BearShare and iTunes open and ready for any suggestions! I'll post again when it's downloaded. :amuse:
  6. You're welcome. You should look through other Green Day. They;re good and most songs have no cussing. Like "Minoirty"(sp?) I think.
  7. How about some of the newer kinda chill songs... "You Had a Bad Day" by Daniel Powter or some Teddy Geiger "Confidence (For You I will)" or the Fray "Over My Head". I love all those songs right now!
  8. try some jimmy eat world or saves the day tunes
  9. Oh! I love "Come Down To Me" Megs! That's definitely going on the CD. Thank you! ^_^
  10. I know the group... they are AMAZING. Just amazing!!! Their song "Girl Next Door" is the theme song for the new MTV show "Tiara Girls". But their other songs, like Come Down to Me, are just so soft and amazing!! I'm glad you liked it!!! :love:
  11. Oh yea.. Saving Jane's "Sleep On It" is a reallly good song too!
  12. I put "You Had A Bad Day" on there too! :smile:
  13. what about
    -"Youre Beautiful" by James Blunt
    -"Walking" by October Fall
    -"Miss You" by Blink-182:biggrin:
  14. The CD so far:

    1) Move Along- The All American Rejects
    2) Who Knows- Avril
    3) Come Down To Me- Saving Jane
    4) Tropicalia- Beck
    5) River of Dreams- Billy Joel
    6) You Had A Bad Day- Daniel Powter
    7) Wonderfully Strange- Eman
    8) Don't Panic- Coldplay
    9) From My Head To My Heart- Evon and Jaron
    10) Times Like These- Foo Fighters
    11) Sweetheart- Jont
    12) Tiger Lilly- Matchbook Romance
    13) Blurry- Puddle of Mudd
    14) Such Great Heights- The Postal Service

    I still have about twenty-six minutes to fill!

    Anyone else have suggestions?

  15. the Iron and Wine version of "Such Great Heights" is much better than the Postal Service version!