Help me pick the bag! My Xmas to myself!

  1. I figured I would post here since I know what kind of answer I would get on the Prada and Chanel forums.;)

    It's going to be my first grey bag and I can't choose. Both are on sale too which is an added bonus. I really don't care one is more hand held than the other. It doesn't bother me.

    TIA! :tup:

    It's just like this but w/o the handles..same color scheme.

    The 8-Knot bag
  2. I like the Prada bag.
  3. i like the prada bag too--it has more structure :smile:

    good luck!
  4. Chanel.
  5. In general I always prefer Chanel, but in this case the Prada is better.
  6. I love Chanel but out of the styles you picked, I like the Prada better!
  7. Interesting guys...can you tell me what you favor about the Prada more and what is skewing your opinion on the Chanel?

    I just love to hear people's logic behind their opinions! Thx again! :tup:
  8. Chanel, baby!! It's more interesting...I like the stitching detail along the top and on the handles. The Prada is kind of plain to me.
  9. I like both, but prefer the Chanel one - the leather looks so soft - the bag seems lighter too. I think Chanel is more timeless.
  10. of these two I'd go with the Prada, because of:
    1. clean classic shape -- and I LOVE this shading effect, looks TDF IRL
    2. I like the option of being able to wear a bag in the crook of an arm or with a shoulder strap -- Prada has both
    3. not a fan (not at ALL) of Chanel bag handles -- they look like they might belong to a different bag than this one -- too thick and kind of clumsy looking
    4. don't like that twisted pieces of hardware on Chanel either

    But that's just me... ;)
  11. Normally am a fan of Chanel but Prada bag looks much more better.
  12. I love the Chanel. The quilting is gorgeous. I'm always one for less structured bags and the Prada looks stiff (but still pretty, not trying to hate on a still beautiful bag). If I saw someone with the Chanel bag, i would look twice, the Prada does not catch my eye as much.
  13. I totally agree.

    There's just something about the Chanel that doesn't impress me at all, especially compared to most Chanel. I think if you're going to go for Chanel then you can find something better (totally just my opinion, of course). If these are the only two choices, then I'd take the Prada.
  14. I personally like the Prada bag better!
  15. Prada. The Chanel looks like a weird shape. It would catch my eye for all the wrong reasons!