Help me pick Texas lotto numbers please!

  1. Wednesday's drawing........I need 6 numbers per ticket. pick numbers between 1 - 54.

    I will be buying 10 tickets, so I need 60 numbers.

    I have been playing for yrs. and I have hd no luck, you guys are great so maybe you can bring me some luck!

    Thanks in advance!:heart:
  2. 6-8-33-67-45-33

    I get half.

    lol! jp.
    Good luck!
    Oh BTW-I won 100.00 playing bingo earlier-so Im a lucky girl today :tup:
  3. HOW EXCITING....:yahoo:


    GOOD LUCK:woohoo:
  4. Sure I promise if I win with your numbers I'll share, I think if you get 3 number right than you win $5.00. I 'm hoping for at least 4 numbers right than you get a few hundred or something like that. I'll let you know!

    I'm glad you had luck today!!!...........maybe it will rub off on me!:tup:
  5. 9-25-26-23-16-4

    These are special numbers :biggrin: I hope it brings you luck!:tup::tup:
  6. 23-55-15
  7. 07-22-26-11-20-06
    You have to split it if you win...:p LOL JK....
    GOOD LUCK...
  8. depending if I win and how much I win I will share or buy something. Promise:smile:
  9. I still need 5 tickets with 6 numbers and I need 3 other numbers because KIDLEARNER only picked 3 numbers!

    Any other tpf member need lotto numers? just ask! andlet us know which state you will be playing for. Good Luck!
  10. LOL I think my folks are playing too, Bobo!


    Good luck!
  11. 53-2-24-7-15-29

    Although I think i used all my luck winning a Porsche last year . . .
  12. 27-4-19-25-6-47
  13. 8-10-22-34-39-51

    Fingers crossed!!
  14. 29-36-42-44-17
  15. Thanks guys...............I went to buy my tickets for tonight's drawing!! I'll let you know how it goes!!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!