Help me pick - St Cloud or Menilmontant?


Jan 13, 2013
Hello lvoes! My birthday is coming up and I'm itching for something new to me. I've been eyeing the St Cloud MM and GM as well as the Menilmontant PM. Which would you pick?

I have a speedy b25 in monogram - are these two bags too similar in size to the speedy? I'm worried that if I get either the St Cloud or Menilmontant that I won't reach for them if they're too similar in size to my speedy. I'm also concerned about how stiff/structured both bags are. I'm not usually a fan of structured bags, but I wonder if these two don't stick out too far from the body the structure won't bother me?

Or do you all think I should save my money and instead put those funds towards something new, like a Siena PM? I don't have any DE bags so it would be nice to have something care-free... but if I get a St Cloud in epi that will be carefree as well.

I don't usually need to carry much these days - just my iphone, Victorine wallet or ZCP, 6 key holder, and mini pochette. I am 5'5" and a curvy size 10, I love both big bags and mini bags so I really am having a really difficult time deciding!


Jan 16, 2009
It depends on your lifestyle. Both look great. Menilmontant for me is more casual than the St. Cloud and it holds a little bit more.
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