Help me pick Souvenir SLG from Paris

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  1. I am visiting LV in Paris for the first time tomorrow. We are on the train now from Amsterdam. :smile:. There aren't any items that I need but I want to get a souvenir. I have a NF and a Speedy 25. I have enough SLGs to cover all my current needs. But I want something to represent my trip to Europe and Paris LV.

    I was considering a
    *Mini pochette. Mostly to store lipsticks or something similar in.
    *Cles (not sure which one but would more likely keep a key in it rather than cards)
    *GM cosmetic bag. I already have 2 PM size.
    *Toiletry 15. Looks so cute and not available in my home country.
    *Alma PM. I have made my pochette into a crossbody but I like the Alma. Cost is a factor on this one.
    *Bag charm.

    I travel a lot and I know that I will get use out of any of these items (except the charm).

    Any ideas which to chose? Or something else entirely? Are there any special items specific to Paris?

    Thanks. :smile:
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    Hi LemonDrop,

    I think I'd go for the Toiletry 15 (seeing as though it's not available where you live) or a mini Pochette PLUS a bag charm :smile: A bag charm is a lovely reminder of your special trip. You've already got two cosmetic bags, a Cles is something very small and an Alma is very expensive.

    I don't know if there are any items specific to Paris, maybe a luggage tag but I think that might be hard to get.

    Just my thoughts :smile: Have a wonderful time in Paris, it's a beautiful city!!
  3. I get so much use out of my Cles & can see myself using it for many years so I'd pick that one!
  4. Get the TP15 if you like it, or TP19 in epi. You might also want to consider something seasonal like a Regatta pocket organiser or charm, an slg in denim/poppy/hot pink, or SS16 mini pochette in the digital blue print (black and electric blue), if that's your style and it's still available.

    Enjoy your trip! :smile:
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  5. Im also headed to paris in august and in the same boat. I was thinking of getting a bag but aside from cost issue, im also not excited to lug the box and bag around since we'll have a couple of cities to go to after.

    So i am considering something small that will not affect luggage space much. Bag charm is one option or a bandeau. That way i can readily use it with my bags and remind me of paris everytime i see it.

    I, too am pretty much covered in the SLG part and i am already content with the LV bags i have :

    Twice Empriente Noir
    Favorite MM Azur
    Siena PM
    Pochette Acc in Mono
    Pochette Felicie in Magenta Vernis.
  6. I would get the Alma if the savings are significant compared to your home country. If prices are comparable, I would get cosmetic GM.
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  7. Mini pochette or cles;) and have a nice trip.
  8. I think the Alma pm would make a great cross body although it is costly. That would be my choice because it is so special. Good luck with your decision.
  9. Mini pochette :smile:
    You can't go wrong with any of those options! Let us know what you decide :smile:
  10. Alma PM or Toiletry 15! :biggrin:
  11. I say Toiletry 15 since you can't get it in your country.
  12. Toiletry 15 or Cles, both are great useful little pieces!
  13. Alma PM for sure- you will save so much with the VAT! Wait to purchase the small ticket items when you get home! And you will get a MIF one[emoji2]
  14. SLG and Alma aren't really to compare...if it is possible go for the Alma, great timeless bag, a lot Chester with VAT I think and MIF!
  15. I would suggest the mini pochette! I also like the pochette plate, but maybe this is too much $ for a souvenir?
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