help me pick something outt :)

  1. report cards are coming home a week from this friday. yay. if i get all A's, i get to pick out a little something something :biggrin: woohoo :smile:

    so i was thinking...

    1. Mirror Coeur (in silver)
    2. Violette Coeur
    3. Mirror cosmetics pouch
    4. something elsee... (please suggest (8 )

    so yu guys have any ideas??

    thank yuuu :smile:
  2. The miroir cosmetics pouch seems more practical....and pretty too.

    BTW I couldn't help but notice that you typed your occupation as no more fun, now a 7th grade If you think that's the case wait until you go to University!
  3. ^^LOL. arent i a drama queen?? 7th grade isnt that hard, but they give out SOOOOOOO much homework (im not even kidding)
  4. Yup...wait until you finish high school...I cruised through grade school. The workload then was nothing compared to the amount of work I get now!
  5. Oo Can't you get them all?!?! The cosmetics case is soo pretty & is nice as a clutch to , The heart purses are pretty but i think you would get lots more use out of the cosmetics case really! Looking forward to see what you choose!
  6. Hearts are pretty but cosmetics case is practical.
  7. Violette Coeur
  8. How about a bag charm, like an Inclusion Speedy? Those are super cute!!
  9. my vote is for the cosmetic pouch or how about a mini pochette???
  10. violette couer...color is amazing...
  11. Violette:heart:
  12. You crazy kids! School is nothing! Wait til you work full-time - you'll look back at school and think it was a vacation.

    Anyway, the cosmetic case will also make a nice small clutch for proms and stuff. Congrats on finishing the semester with great grades. Whatever you get, you should be really proud of yourself.
  13. Go for the Cosmetic Pouch! It seems much more practical.
  14. Definitely the cosmetics case- same price but can double as a clutch as well as a pouch.
  15. thanks guys :biggrin:

    im thinking about the violette coeur or the mirror cosmetics pouch