Help me pick some stores and must have for my college age daughter on a business wardrobe.

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  1. She is now starting to have business school related functions and will be interviewing for internships. Budget want to keep it under $500.00.

    What items will ge her through a week of work looking professional that she can keep as investment dressing. Want quality pieces over throw away.
  2. How about J Crew, Ann Taylor, and/or Banana Republic? Coordinating pieces-a blazer, dress, skirt, a pair of pants, a blouse, and a cardigan should get her through the week.
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  3. Nordstrom (or Nordstrom Rack) also carries some mid-price brands like Vince Camuto, Anne Klein, Halogen and 1901 with pieces that can be mixed and matched like @morejunkny suggested above.
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  4. I'm going to recommend the Of Mercer website, this has good workwear but to be within the $500 budget - I'd hit Zara first and get the basics and then something nice from Of Mercer?

    Zara has a suit section - this the the second floor in my store

    I'd say- probably get one suit, and then some separates. Luxury tees work in almost every workplace now, and some people think Uniqlo has the best tees, but Zara has them too.
  5. Black blazer with matching pants at a minimum, maybe a matching skirt too if she wants the option. Can probably wear blouses/shirts she already owns underneath. Can also wear black blazer over a dress for a different look.
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  6. Get a black Theory suit (may need sale or outlet to stay in budget), a less expensive dress (Ann Taylor, J Crew, Zara) that she can wear with the blazer, inexpensive shells for under blazer (Everlane, Ann Taylor, J Crew), and a quality pair of shoes. Being sharply dressed as opposed to looking thrown together can make all the difference, assuming we are talking a relatively conservative business direction here. And investing in the suit means she'll still have it in a couple years.

    She will need a bag, too, and I would go for the best quality that is affordable and therefore NO big brand names.

    You need quality fabrics and good leather (if she wears leather, if not, good faux leather). You've invested in business school - important to invest in appearances.
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  7. We ended up buying suit separates from Banana Republic and some tailored shirts from Ralph Lauren. I also gave her a black small,Prada bag I was saving for her. So the only thing left is shoes but she already has a few,pairs that will work for her right now.
    I was surprised at how well the banana republic fit her. She literally hate to try on clothes so not having to do this in ten stores is a big plus. I really wished we had a J Crew store near us because I thought their work separated were pretty nice looking online. I took her to keep a record in her phone of style numbers, size and stores she shoves at of things that fit well. Because then one can buy online if needed or when their are good sales. I am trying to convince her to have a basic wardrobe that fits and looks professional.

    It’s interesting seeing your kids turn into young professional adults.
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  8. 500 will cover a suit and shell from ann taylor for suits. Make sure she gets wool or wool lined prefrebly all season.

    As far as business casual she can mix her ann taylor seperates with a few pieces from Jcrew (my go to for 100 percent cotton cardigans and shells) and loft for blouses and additional skirts. I wouldnt buy a huge wardrobe because a lot of places now once you are hired on have a jeans 5 days a week dress code.
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  9. I want to add to ttry to target loft and ann taylor and jcrew when they have store wide sales. Its pretty frequent I almost dont shop there when the store isnt on sale.

    Express also has a lot of sales and is very popular among young professionals. I am curvy so express doesnt do me favors right now! It is almost juniors sized/proportions.
  10. Everyone has mentioned the stores I'd recommend. I'd add try shopping off-season for classics that have been marked down. Brook Brothers has decent sales on their blouses which are lovely and no-iron. JCrew is bringing back the cotton Jackie cardigan, I was told in March or April to expect more colors.

    I've noticed comments about which brands fits body styles well. She can save herself much headache by determining which brands have size models with a figure similar to hers. Once you know then look on eBay or some of the other sites like the RealReal ;)