help me pick some jeans?

  1. Hello fashionistas,

    Just as with bags, I have trouble picking out my own clothes. Any votes between these two pairs? Both are citizens of humanity -- one is "serpent cut," the other "lily extend tab." They're 20% off at a local store, but I used the pics from other stores:smile:
  2. I like the serpent cut. The darker color serpent stiching on the back pockets are very nice, not to mention that they'll make your behind look better (not that I'm implying that you don't have a great rearview... that's just how I pick my jeans... anything that makes my a** look good :smile: ) and I'm not too crazy about the front closure on the lily extent tab.
  3. i'm not loving the extend tab either.....but the serpent......those are really really cool....i usually don't like patterned pockets too much but i might have to get those for myself too :P
  4. I like the serpent cut more.
  5. Thanks guys! I guess the main reason I was thinking of the extend tabs is that they are more "basic" so might get more wear. But the serpent is keep votes coming if you have em!
  6. DEF the serpent. The second pair is not my thing at alll. :smile:

    I :heart: citizens, they make my bubble bum look amazing.
  7. between the two, i pick the serpent. have u ever tried frankie b jeans? i love them!!
  8. serpents! i have a pair in that wash and the wash is SOO amazing so you won't regret it!
  9. serpent