Help me pick RM bag for my friend birthday?

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  1. Hello everyone,
    I hope i dont post in the wrong forum. I have bought two micro moto bags from RM. I got the blue one and white one. I don't know what color should i give her between blue or white one since I am not good at matching with clothes. how these colors easy to wear or mix with.
    Thank you so much for your helping. [​IMG]
  2. If wearing with jeans, not the white one, it will get stained by denim. I would go for blue unless the person you are giving it to knows how to look after white leather bags.
  3. That blue is beautiful!!!
  4. Does your friend wear a lot of brightly colored clothes? If so, go with the white. If she wears mostly neutrals I'd give her the blue.

    Then again, if she wears mostly bright colors, she might also appreciate the bright blue more... And soramillay brings up a good point in that white is harder to protect against color transfers, so the blue is probably the better choice anyway.

    Another option is to tell her straight up that you got two and were unsure of which she'd prefer, and then you'll let her choose for herself. Can't go wrong!
  5. I say the blue! It's eye catching and stunning. Then again, I prefer color to my bags so maybe I'm biased...
  6. I agree, I like the blue! It's a fun color. I prefer neutral colors that are easy to match, but I think the white would be hard to take care of if they are not already used to white bags. The blue color is the safer route in my opinion. ;)
  7. another vote for blue
    for me white to too much worry to care for and too stark - pops too much if that makes any sense
  8. White would be the gift that keeps on negatively giving.. If your friend uses it, it will get dirty, so she will need to take special care of it with regular cleanings and treatments. She might even end up being too afraid to use it as often as she'd like.

    I definitely would go for blue. It's a fun, bright colour for a casual bag. Plus since jeans are the main form of casual wear for pants, she won't need to worry about colour transfer.
  9. If i m the one receiving the gift I would prefer the blue too (: Easier to maintain and easier to match with a casual outfit.