Help me pick plz!

  1. I am debating between these color combo >>>>>

    #1 (lime green + light blue) OR #2 (lime green + navy blue) on a porte monnaie plate. Which color combo is nicer? Color combo is very important to me especially in a multi color wallet ;) Thanks!

  2. Here is another pic of the (Lime green + Navy)
  3. Get the first one!
  4. number 1.
  5. Yea, I go with number 1, too.
  6. i like the lime green + light blue :smile:
  7. I pick #2. But, does it really matter? They look the same. = /
  8. #2--but they aren't that different.
  9. LOL :shame: I think I am just picky. :rolleyes:
  10. I like the lime green and light blue...that first one!!!
  11. #2
  12. #1
  13. Oh, I don't know which to choose... The difference is not THAT obvious as both are blue-green combos, only different shade... :P Just curious, are there any other color combos? :P
  14. Whichever, gorgeous!
  15. I like the first combo looks more "balanced" as one logo doesn't stand out so much more than the other. But they are both really cute!