Help me pick, please!

  1. Which of the following bags would you pick? With my December bonus, I will reach my target savings goal and I can't wait!! :yahoo:

    I'm having a hard time choosing, though, because I love all of these bags.

    Tulum PM.jpg
    tulum pm
  2. And here are a few more...

    viva cite gm.jpg
    viva-cite gm

    Thanks in advance!
  3. I like the first one, the Batignolles Vertical!
  4. Make that 2 votes for the Batignolles.
  5. batignolles! :yes:
  6. tulum or illovo :yes:
  7. definitely the batignolles :yes:
  8. ilovo
  9. I think that's just the regular Batignolles...correct me if I'm wrong though.

    Out of all of those, the Batignolles would be my choice! My coworker has one and I LOVEEEEE it! The Ravello would be my next and only choice other than the Batignolles; I don't really like the Cité bags, the Tulum is too big and odd looking IMO, and the Illovo is just a tad too plain...
  10. batignolles :smile: hey but also consider the Batignolles Horizontal.. :smile: it is so pretty :smile:
  11. Oh ITA...but I have a bag that's so similar to it, from Longchamp, that I can't justify it! :P

    I already have a speedy, which is why I was thinking of the Batignolles regular as a grab and go bag.

    Karman, how much can your co-worker fit inside her bag? TIA!
  12. Another vote for the Batignolles!
  13. Make that Three!:yes:
    I also like the horizontal:smile:
  14. ravello & Batignolles..

    good luck on finding one though :heart:
  15. Tulum PM. :yes: