Help me pick! please

  1. I have 2 black chanel bags, I want a new light one, Cream caviar jumbo with new chain , or white expandable flap? Or white Jumbo with old chain, really white one. Help:confused1:
  2. Get the Jumbo before the price increase
  3. I vote for the Jumbo too, and yes, get it before the increase.
  4. which jumbo, pure white with old chain or cream colored one with new chain, both 2250.
  5. how much is the jumbo and what will the increase be? and when?
  6. cream with new chain is my pick :smile:

    btw is that the distressed caviar you're referring to?
  7. no , its the caviar with cc clasp. its like a bone color irl, a dark off white.
  8. I say true white with old chain. I would normally be scared of white, but if it's caviar, then it should be a lot easier to take care of! It's the perfect white bag!
  9. I like the white with old chain. I like the old chain better than the new one.
  10. i love the white jumbo too! go white :nuts:
  11. white, white with old chain! looks so clean, fresh, classy!
  12. White jumbo, old chain. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!1
  13. jumbo is good.. before the price increase.. quick..
  14. classic jumbo.
  15. I wuld go for white caviar jumbo flap bag....but i'm rather concerned abt the color esp it gets dirty easily!