help me pick PLEASE

  1. Hi I need your help I have to pick either the new black mattlic ressiue or the black destressed caviar 255 please help Thank 2 everyone :smile:
  2. which size are you getting? i'd lean toward the distressed caviar but they're both killer bags!
  3. i like distressed caviar -- i think it's more of a classic.. but then again both are amazing!
  4. I hands down prefer the metallic black reissue (mine is in the 226 size). :smile:
  5. I'd go with the black metallic. It has more "wow" factor.
  6. I prefer the distressed one compared to the metallic...
  7. another vote for the distressed
  8. And yet another for distressed - more claasic
  9. I vote for the black metallic reissue
  10. another vote for the black metallic reissue.
  11. black metallic!
  12. Black metallic. I have the 227 and love this bag.
  13. ^^ Me too - it is my favourite by a long way.
  14. get the metallic reissue...its sooo cute and shiny
  15. black metallic reissue..very classy and funky at the same time.