Help me pick out my perfect pink.

  1. So, after buying my ink city and loving the bag sooo much but not the color I have come to the conclusion that I need to stick with what I know I love for my first b-bag. Which is pink!!

    I have looked at all the photo's of other's pink bags here and I know straight off light rose pink is out. It is just too light for me and I am afraid of the whole yellow thing. So that leaves me with these choices:

    04 Rose: looks very pretty but will be very expensive in a good condition city. Not sure if I am willing to pay that much for my first bag due to worring about the resale value in case I don't love it. Also not really sure what pink color it is exactly because pics seem to differ on the color.

    05 Bubblegum: Love this color even if it reminds me of a Barbie purse but am worried about dirt and everyday use. Also a bit worried about the ink shifting and yellowing.

    05 Magenta: Not a true pink but for me it would fall in that catagory. Love the fact that it is a loud color that demands attention. Worried about the darkening of the handles. I see a few right now on ebay with that problem.

    Pink Metallics (Magenta and Pink): I think these are out in a city for me. I could see them working better in a first. Plus I think the pink one is still too much on the light side for my tastes.

    As you can see I am having a hard time choosing which one I should get. Well that is if I am lucky enough to have one pop up on ebay since there are no new pinks out yet (hopefully). I don't want to miss out because I am undecided about what I want.

    Which is why I want all of your opinions, pics of your pink bags, ect... Which color pink do you like the best and why? What one do you think I should get in a City if I am every luck enough to find one?

    Feel Free to Post Pic's of your pink Beauties for me to drool over as well!!!:drool:
  2. The Rose is stunning so I would say Rose. Also I like the BG Pink too! Here'a a picture of the BG Pink I used to have.
  3. I love the BG pink and would love to find a mint condition BG pink city bag! Rose is also very pretty. I would go for either color.
  4. Zacorey, Love the BG Pink. Why did you get rid of her?
  5. ^^^ because I'm not really a pink bag girl. The leather is the best too though! Everyone has their own likes and dislikes of what colors they love. It's a really pretty color but I am just not the pink bag type- that's all!
  6. I'm a total Pink girl and I wear pink almost everyday it seems. I have the pale pink City and my leather is awesome and its soooo pretty. I have yet to use it. The dirt factor is killing me. I dont normally use lighter colored bags, so maybe I just have to jump in and start using her and get over the dirt thing. OR I need to stick to darker bags. I'm trying to decide by the weekend....see? I cannot help you with your decision because I cant even decide for myself! They need to come out with another darker pink. The new Spring colors have so many greens...and no pinks!
  7. I agree with Oh Donna!, they do need to come out with some more pinks. It's so hard waiting for the colors to come out though. I feel like I've been waiting for years... with more to come... for the March colors (I want Periwinkle).
  8. I love 04 Rose, but like you, have been deterred by the high prices. Magenta seems the least worrysome in terms of dirt/darkening handles, and I love how loud it is. Like Zacorey, I am not really a pink bag girl, but sometimes I wish I were, I love looking at the colors. I saw a mint Bubblegum pink work bag the other day and the leather was super nice, so if that's the pink you're most drawn to, I say go for it - resale prices tend to be more accessible than the 04 Rose... and if you can get one in mint condition, use the Lovin' My Bags for handles solution to prevent darkening... don't know if this makes sense/is helpful at all... good luck with your decision!!
  9. Go for what makes you say "oooohhh!" - The handles are bound to darken on whatever you end up getting (unless it's black), but there are products to help you keep it clean and nice.

    I agree with you about the pale's too light, even for a die-hard pink fanatic like me. I think Bubblegum is the most like a true pink. However, for you I'd recommend Magenta - it seems like you really love juicy bright colors! I suspect it would really make you smile every time you look at it...and isn't that what it's all about?
  10. Donna I am a pink lover too. My closet proves that. It's my favorite color. I think I am going to have to put a bubblegum pink on my list. I showed the color to my finace and he made a face and said "Ok Barbie" then said well maybe for a teenageer but not someone 33. :cursing: Ok so I guess at the age of 33 I am old. :crybaby: :lol: Whatever....:P
  11. You need to tell him...NEVER too old for pink!!! Some things we never outgrow.

    Why yes, it's my favorite color too...:shame:

    Edit: Oh and btw if you are old...I am an antique!
  12. aaaahhhh, to be 33 again.

    My daughter calls me a fossil. She says it affectionately of course.
  13. My vote's for the 04 Rose. I've attached a picture of my rose twiggy together with my LV agenda (but just ignore that, it was just to show the color similarity, LOL) If you want more pictures of it under the light and from different angles, my other thread is in here... somewhere :upsidedown:

    I like the rose because it is light enough to be a fun color, but not as light as the light pink or the bubblegum where it's so pale.

    If you have your heart set out on the rose.. you will have to be extremely patient and vigilant.. i paid $1450 for mine, but I've seen some that went below $1000. It all depends on your timing and the amount of money you are willing to spend on it.

    Good luck!
  14. powderpuff100you are sooooooo not too old for that color!!! I am going to be 32 this year and I do not consider myself too old. Although my oldest son told me I was too old to be a hot girl the other day. LOL

    Thanks for the pics and advice so far girls. I am taking it all in!!!
  15. Meemie, what about lilac? It's sorta in the pink family for me (although what do I know - I'm still a dark/neutral kinda person - so far!) although sigh, even I would not turn down a Rose 04 City...