Help me pick out my next bag?

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Which bag would you choose?

  1. Chanel Boy bag

  2. Celine Box bag

  3. Dior Diorama bag

  4. LV Capucines bag

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I've been saving up to have a mini shopping spree this summer, I know I want one bag (and a few accessories) but I can't decide on which bag I want most. My wishlist consists of:

    -Chanel boy (it's classic and it's chanel, need I say more?)
    -Celine classic box bag (I'm really drawn to the clean lines, classic shape and the leather lined organized interior)
    -Dior Diorama (Like a stripped down boy bag, really like how clean it looks, but I'm conflicted because it's so similar to the boy)
    -LV Capucines (Again, clean lines, leather lined, organized interior)

    They're all really similar in function, all relatively small shoulder bags, and they're all gorgeous. Which would you choose?

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  2. I'd pick Boy. [emoji4]

  3. + 1
  4. I vote Boy or Box. I have the red mini box bag, and it's getting more love than my boy bag right now.
  5. This is the Chanel forum, so expect Chanel-focused answers. I will say that the box bags I have seen got scratched very easily. Maybe this season is different, but even on the shelves at BG, the red ones were scratched. So I would take that off my list.

  6. Nope, this season is not different. They certainly get scratched. [emoji17]
  7. The boy or the box. I do loathe that the Celine box gets so scratched up like the other ladies mentioned. So I'd say the boy!
  8. Boy or Box but I am leaning towards Boy!
  9. The boy bag was my pick - I love mine so much!

    I also really like the LV capucines but personally think the price point is a little too high for LV - Chanel will hold its value better

    Good luck deciding :biggrin:
  10. I would vote for the Celine box based on the pics! I like smooth leather and clean lines too
  11. My vote goes for the Chanel boy or Celine box in silver hardware :smile:
  12. Boy or Box - would have voted for box over boy if in lizard or grained/less likely to be scratched leather.
  13. I would get the Celine Box or the Boy. I'm not a huge fan of Dior bags, and although the LV capucines looks classy, it reminds me of royal and very high society ladies. I also think that the capucines is less versatile in terms of outfits: it wouldn't look good if combined with ripped jeans, for instance. I find that the Box really looks classy, and can be dressed up or down. You could bring it with you to holidays, brunches, nights out. It is such a stunner, with its yummy leather. The boy is not my favourite, but it has a modern and egdy look. And it's Chanel :smile: HTH
  14. Thanks everyone [emoji8] I don't know if the box is made in grainy leather, I've only ever seen the smooth in the boutique, and exotics are definitely out of my price range. The dior is out I think, I only liked that it was a cleaner looking boy, but that is still not the "original".
  15. Definitely boy!
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