Help me pick out my new Kristin

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  1. I am a "small hobo" girl all the way, so I know which style I want, it's the color that's killing me and I'd love your opinions on. :biggrin:


    • I live in the cold north - can only use "summery" colors from May - August.
    • That wouldn't necessarily stop me from buying a summer color purse as I have lots to get me through the cold winter months.
    • The purses in my collection to date are in my photo album (link is in my signature)

    • Aubergine Zoe
    • Parchment/Gold Zoe
    • Bronze/Rosegold Hippie
    • Ocelot Hailey
    • Gold leather Ali
    • Poppy Sparkle Leather Groovy
    • Pink Patchwork Carly (my first one)
    So based on what I have and where I live, which purse do you think would be good to add to my collection? You may notice that many of my purses are more on the "blingy" side, not a lot of basic tones in there. I don't really want Kristin in black, but I do like it in taupe.

    What do you guys think? You can vote based on what you like or what you think I should get to add to my collection. I really appreciate the feedback ladies!!! :biggrin:

    Blue siggy Kristin.jpg Taupe Kristin.jpg

    Peach Kristin.jpg Yellow Kristin.jpg

  2. The yellow! but please try to see these bags first! The small hobo is very small with the slouch! but if you have a very small frame it should be okay if you are even average size the drop wont be long enough the large has a drop thats 2 inches longer!
  3. I really like the 1st, the color is so pretty, i use my bright color bags year round!!!!!
    or the yellow
  4. Oh for sure, I'll go to the store to see them. Is the slouch worse than medium Zoe? I'm fine with the medium Zoe slouch/strap. And yes, I'm petite and 5 feet tall, so I'm sure the size is fine. I hate big purses with a passion - I don't carry enough stuff around to need one, and they make me look like I have a suitcase strapped to my back. :P
  5. Well, I love bright colors. But then again I get to wear bright colors a lot and not look too out of place since I live in FL. But living somewhere up North wouldn't stop me from carrying a bright colored bag. I just ordered the Large Kristin Hobo in yellow, and am pretty excited about it. So, my vote would be for the yellow or that beautiful light blue siggy!
  6. You might be able to get away with the yellow up here in winter because it's not in-your-face lemon yellow, but if you wore the turquoise or peach the fashion police would throw you in jail. Those are way too bright for when it's -20 C outside. It's like an unwritten law up here. At least that's what I was raised to believe. I'm sure there are rebels who just don't care, but I'm a conformist and believe in following the fashion rules. Even the unwritten ones. It would be like wearing white linen pants here in the winter.
  7. The good thing is you have quite a few months to carry it in the summer months. Even if it is just from May to August that is still a good bit of time. Then when it gets cold again you can save it for next summer! But get the color you love, you know what you will wear during certain times of the year and what you won't. Just giving my opinion on which colors I love!!
  8. I like the turquoise but think it should be the large...
  9. I really Like the Yellow or the Peach one.. Really great colors..
  10. I ordered the peach. You should decide quickly, I think these are going quickly!
  11. Is style # 14860 not a choice im taking it? I love love that one. It will also match my fairly new waverly wallet me thinks. LOL
  12. I like the second one-the taupe & will look good all year around and go with everything!
  13. I love the peach one, the color is so pretty! Good luck deciding!
  14. I don't wear bright pastel-y bags when it's winter up here, but that's a personal preference. Several of my friends carry bright lime or fuchsia bags year-round. I really love the taupe, but I think yellow comes a close second!
  15. Oh gosh--not another case of purses selling out before they reach the stores!!:sad: