Help me pick out my first PS!! - Raspberry or Orchid?

  1. Hey guys, I need your opinion! I'm torn between a raspberry and an orchid for my first PS1...what do you guys think?

    -raspberry top, orchid bottom
    Fall-12-Raspberry.jpg proenza-schouler-ps1-orchid.jpg
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    they're both beautiful and I haven't seen IRL but I think I'd prefer rasberry
  3. They are both gorgeous and it's hard to decide between them, but I think I would go for the Raspberry too, it could be a favorite color for many years.
  4. you think the orchid will become an 'outdated' colour?
    this is such a hard decision!
  5. ^ I'm struggling too! I have the PSII in burgundy and I think the raspberry is very similar. But it's pretty. And I like the orchid, but worry it'll be too bright and spring-ish.
  6. Raspberry seems to have a richer tone. Orchid is beautiful as well, but seems brighter. I guess it depends on your wardrobe and maybe even just what you think will make you happiest. I personally would go with Raspberry. Good luck!
  7. I don't think Orchid will become "outdated", the PS1 has always been about bright colors (and more muted ones too). It looks like the Raspberry is a little more toned down though.
  8. I agree and I think with that, the Rasberry could be more year-round and maybe go with more things. But if you like to change bags all the time and don't care about how versatile it is, or you love the orchid more, that color is beautiful too.
  9. You make a good point! Do you think denim transfer would be an issue with the raspberry?
  10. I just ordered my first one from PS1 from Hgbagsonline, all on Sale! I got the Saddle, classic for year round bag:smile:
  11. I'm not sure about denim transfer but it looks like a little darker color. pre-treatment and have the byebyedye product handy may help.

    Congrats on your first PS1! :biggrin: post some reveal pics when you gets it!
  12. my vote is for orchid! i looove that color
  13. I just bought the raspberry..... love it! I do sometimes want something a bit 'brighter' but i think i made the right decision as i'm able to wear this day in day out. it stands out, but it's not too OTT! Good luck.. choosing colours is the hardest decision in life.....
  14. raspberry!
  15. Here's my first PS1 med in Saddle, love it!!
    image-3498383255.jpg image-3553943579.jpg