Help me pick out my first LV

  1. I debating between the Beverly MM and the Speedy.

    I like this bag because its a shoulder bag and would be easier to carry than the Speedy, but worried about the buckle getting tarnished or broken. Btw, anyone know when this bag came out?

    The Speedy is a classic. I would get the Speedy 25 because the 30 might be a bit big for me.

    But I kinda like the Mini Lin better, which only comes in 30.

    Thanks for your help :smile:
  2. i prefer the Beverly MM. the Speedy is far too common
  3. I would do either the monogram Speedy, or the Beverly. Tough decision!
  4. Mono speedy 25! It is a classic, and although it is more common, every girl should have one IMO! Also, depending where you live, it might not be that common . . .
  5. I would choose the monogram speedy 25. I think it is a terrific all around bag!
  6. I would choose the Beverly MM now and get a Speedy later on down the road. :yes:
  7. ITA but I love the Speedy 30 :smile:
  8. ITA but then a speedy is a classic piece and perfect for a start...
  9. I like the Beverly. I think it came out late Feb or early March, quite recent.
  10. For your first LV, you should pick a classic design ... pick the speedy!
  11. Speedy 25! :smile:
  12. I like the mini lin... it has the classic speedy shape with a twist on the different colour!
  13. Oh AND it doesn't have the vachetta to worry about!
  14. Speedy! Either Mono, Damier Ebene, or Damier Azur<---my one and only speedy! would be great choice. The size is a matter of personal preference, I got 30 b/c it appears to be 'full size' and fits better on me, so it's important for u to go in store and play around before you decide.
    Beverly is available in stores or on Elux now, The brass buckle can get annoying from time to time IMO :sweatdrop:
  15. Get the speedy 25 - - - you can fit more in it and it's a better everyday bag imo. Good luck with your decision.