Help me pick out my *FIRST* Louis Vuitton

  1. This Friday I am going to attempt to make it out to the LV store ... its over an hour away (ugh) and there is crappy snowy bad weather here lately. Anyway, I actually purchased a small violette agenda to be my first LV purchase HOWEVER its just too small. I tried to convince myself that I would be able to make it work but no its not going to happen. :sad: But I would love to exchange it for something else. I am currently on the waitlist for the tivoli pm. I would say speedy but it just doesn't speak to me the way the tivoli pm does :shrugs: and it seems like everyone has one. So I am thinking maybe a pochette? Is that a good route to go? The funds are limited as of now I know I can pay for a tivoli and still have another $600 to play around with. Any wise suggestions.:confused1:
  2. hi! imo- get the tiovoli and then get the accessories later. but like u mentioned, the speedy isnt "IT" for u- listen to ur inner voice! get the one u want. sometimes second guessing outselves doesnt always work out. kwim... goodluck!
  3. A wallet to match? Like the french purse? Or the PTI? Price would depend on what line you choose from! But the pochette is a good choice, perfect for cosmetics or a night out.
  4. A mono pochette would be nice or maybe a really pretty cles and then you'll still have some $$ left over!!
  5. How about a cute vernis pochette cles?? That would leave some money?
  6. get a wallet to match with the tivoli!!
  7. the neverfull is a similar price to the speedy......or an accessory or pochette?
  8. A Neverfull would be great or a Pochette
  9. :yes:
  10. yeah a new bag or a wallet
  11. Yep, what about a wallet and another little goody? I absolutely LOVE LV small leather goods - they're unbeatable!
  12. Wait for the Tivoli and maybe get a wallet?