Help me pick out my first designer purse...

  1. I am buying my first designer purse. I've already been looking and narrowed it down to the LV Speedy or Beverly MM. But wanted to get your opinion of other purses I might have over looked, doesnt have to be LV. Looking for something around 1k, something classic that will go well w/ everything, medium size. Thanks for your help.

    Speedy 25

    Beverly MM
  2. can't go wrong with a speedy. holds so much.
  3. speedy!
  4. speedy
  5. Speedy all the way....
  6. what they said ;)
  7. Sorry I'm not a fan of the speedy, reminds me almost of luggage for some reason :shrugs:
  8. What about chanel? Though I'm not sure there's something around $1000
  9. I think the Speedy is a great choice - it's classic. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.
  10. My voted go for a speedy. It's practical and classic and the price is just only around $600.

    Anyway, not a fan of LV monogram canvas. How about the AZUR? It looks fresh, classy and better. :idea:
  11. yes, I like the Azur more than the monogram! and at least you won't see as many as the monogram ones!
  12. You are not alone, I am not a fan of it either.

    I would go with a Chanel or 2nd LV in pics.
  13. i owuld gof or the speedy forsure - you could get a wallet to match too!
  14. Speedy! great first piece.....let us know what u decide