Help me pick out my first Balenciaga...

  1. I'm buying my first designer purse and am considering a Balenciaga. But I dont know the first thing about them, except a few pics I've seen. Can someone tell me where I can see them online and any tips or info on them for a newbie? Looking for something around 1k, prolly in black since it goes well w/ everything, medium size. Thanks.
  2. Look through all of the "Read me" sticky threads at the top of this subforum. You can see lots of different styles on celebs and "real people."

    Also check out . It's like a "Guide to Balenciaga" --all the styles, colors, seasons, retail prices, dimensions, etc. There's also a handy guide to authenticating.

  3. Good choice going for a Balenciaga for your first designer purse. The link KristyDarling posted is VERY helpful! It is like the Balenciaga bible. Good luck and let us know what you get!
  4. maybe a black city?
  5. i agree with sea, black city will work anytime, anywhere.
  6. Like Kristy is a great place to start to learn about Balenciaga and look at styles and colors. I agree with the others that a black City would be great but I guess it depends on how much you carry. A black City was my first bag,too, and I think it is a must!
  7. agree - black city :yes:
  8. you must hae fab taste if for your first designer bag you are drawn to balenciaga!! :idea: I say with those specifications in mind, you should go for the black city. It's classic, chic and incredibly versatile. You will wear it for years to come - guaranteed!!! :tender:
  9. I got a black city for my first and only bbag so far. I love it and it is definitely an everyday bag. I would recomend going to the store and trying it on in person if you can, it helped me out a lot.