Help me pick out a Clover and do I return my Tartan Swing?

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Which Clover Bag to buy and keep or return Tartan Swing?

  1. Buy Clover Sophia and KEEP Tartan Swing

  2. Buy Clover Shoulder Bag and KEEP Tartan Swing

  3. Buy Clover Sophia and RETURN Tartan Swing

  4. Buy Clover Shoulder Bag and RETURN Tartan Swing

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  1. Borrowed from another thread. . . . isn't she GORGEOUS!!!

  2. I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like seriously, what is wrong with me?? Why do I have any doubts? I took it out the box last night and tried it on again and put my stuff in it and even my DH (who HATES Poppy) even said it was very different and unlike anything else I have and that I should keep it!! He still hates the writing on it, but said the color and fabric were really pretty and that the colors looked really nice on me.

    I don't know why there is that tiny little bit of hesitation with this one. Same thing happened last year but the hesitation stopped me from buying it altogether.
  3. LOL! I am like you in many ways with the doubts. I figure though, if you try on something so many times, there must be a reason, right? AND you were drawn to it for a reason! Perhaps "hide" it in your closet for a few weeks and see how you feel. If you keep thinking about it and wanting to take it out, you know it is love :smile:! Worse case scenario, you cut the tags, wear it, and realize it is not for you -- then you could always sell it :smile:.
  4. I think you should keep the tartan and get the clover shoulder bag. Im not a big fan of the satchel like bags tho, i think the handles look off when you use them as shoulder bags.