Help me pick out a Clover and do I return my Tartan Swing?

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Which Clover Bag to buy and keep or return Tartan Swing?

  1. Buy Clover Sophia and KEEP Tartan Swing

  2. Buy Clover Shoulder Bag and KEEP Tartan Swing

  3. Buy Clover Sophia and RETURN Tartan Swing

  4. Buy Clover Shoulder Bag and RETURN Tartan Swing

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am generally a shoulder bag lover, but dang, it seems like I already have a lot of bags that are the same general shape (convertible shoulder/crossbody or hobo bags).

    In shoulder bags I have:
    1. Kristin Hobo (turq siggy)
    2. Parker Hippie (bronze siggy)
    3. Ali Hobo (gold)
    4. Ocelot Hailey
    5. Poppy Groovy (black leather)
    6. Siggy medium Zoe (augergine)
    7. Leather medium Zoe (parchment/gold)
    8. Midnight Maggie
    9. Croc Maggie (bone)
    10. Julia Hobo (gunmetal)
    11. Kors Hobo (purple)
    12. Tartan Poppy Swing (unless I return it)
    In non-shoulder bags I have:
    1. Kristin Satchel in violet (which I carry by the shoulder strap)
    2. Kors Satchel in black (also carry by the shoulder strap)
    I think the Clover small Sophia would add more variety to my collection than adding another shoulder bag.

    What do you guys think I should do??

    I am also sorta/kinda considering returning the Tartan Swing - just because I'm trying to keep the number of purses down, but I'm not sure. I do love it, and I remember the deep regret I had about not picking up the tartan last year. I don't want to live through that regret again. What should I do - keep it or return it??

    Any comments greatly appreciated - and thanks again ladies!!!
  2. I personally like the shoulder bag. I'm not too crazy about the small handles on the sophia and I would keep your Tartan Swing. It seems like you love the bag very much.
  3. In another post, did you say that the tote was too big? Because I just got mine in the mail last week and *love* her. Then again, I'm in love with huge bags, so the tote's a medium sized one for me. Personally, I'm a whore for tartan and even worse with anything purple, so I'm super bias about this look.

    Imagine if you returned the bag today; would you instantly feel remorse? Maybe even put it away for a bit and act like you'd returned it. If you'd feel bad about, it means you should keep it! If not, then return.

    If you can use the money towards getting something you'll love unconditionally, return the swing. PLUS there are other tartan things. You could get the large wristlet? I have the pink/black tartan one from last year and I love it as a going out "bag" all year long; super cute and functional. Or you could get the regular wristlet. That way, you still have tartan.
  4. I do not like the Sophia. So, my vote goes for the shoulder bag...and keep the Tartan Swing.
    If you return the Tartan Swing, I think you should get a Raz Hailey. Found another for $150 on Ebay. :graucho:
  5. I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that if I return the tartan I would spend all winter on ebay trying to track her down - just like I did with the pink tartan from last year that I never found first nor last.

    I'm not a wristlet person at all, so that isn't really an option. I returned one wristlet I had the tags on after about 3 months and realized if I hadn't used it in 3 months I probably never would - and I didn't regret it - I still can't think of a time I would have used it. I have one siggy wristlet from the outlet if I ever need one and used it twice in a year.
  6. I am suffering this now, if there is any chance you will regret it....DO NOT RETURN!!!

    It is an awful feeling to have had it and returned (or sold) it and really long for it later. Just saying
  7. I say keep the Tartan, I remember how you felt when you revealed her...If you feel you want another bag, go for the Clover Sophia, Only because you are a Small bag kinda girl..I was wanting one, but the small is too small for me! Compared to my glam tote, and I don't really think I need another bag right now...Good Luck~PS...That Clover is a beautiful color:smile:
  8. The clover Sophia is simply scrumptious and if I had the money I'd get her in a heart beat:love:
    If I were you, I would buy the clover and keep the tartan. Remember you have at least a year to return if you change your mind and dont use her.
  9. Wait, Why do you have the two options twice?
  10. There are 4 options - keeping or returning the Tartan with either the shoulder bag or the Sophia. ;)
  11. Oh snap! I read it wrong lol. I'm not sure I voted for the right one LOL!
    Well I still say buy the clover sophia and keep tartan.
  12. I'm kinda leaning that way just because I don't have anything at all like Sophia in my collection. Thankfully I'll be able to see them both at my store next week then I'll know for sure.
  13. KEEP.THE.TARTAN!!!!! LOL! Seriously though, you were so happy when you got her; you don't want to pine over her if you get rid of her.
  14. I don't care for the sophia as well, I say keep the tartan swing. I really think you won't be disappointed with her.
  15. What color is the "clover" Sophia?