Help me pick out a CITY color!

  1. Hi all, I would love to get a RED city for the season and would like to know what shade you all recommend?

    I love the brighter reds, but not like too dark like burgandy. Are there any new red colors available in stores now? Thanks!
  2. The only red shades this season is VIF Rouge and Grenat. Grenat is a darker burgundy color.
  3. at the moment i'm really liking ROUGE VIF - i was looking at the swatches a couple of weeks ago and I thought 05 red was nice but now i'm really loving the ROUGE VIF...
  4. Is the rouge city hard to get?
  5. I think some places still have the ROUGE VIF in the City style - I think Aloha Rag might have some still... but i'm not 100% sure
  6. I think personalshoppers on ebay has one also
  7. I just got a rouge vif purse from Aloha Rag - Yokino did a great job picking out the type of leather I wanted. I love the color - if you like red, I say go for it. Who knows when this type of red will reappear. It is a true lipstick red, more bluish red than orangish - which is my favorite. It looks great with just about anything.
  8. I think you would love rouge vif. It's a really bright red! Neiman Marcus at the Westchester Mall in White Plains NY had one two days ago. Their number is (914) 428-2000. Ask for Christine. She is the best!
  9. Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to seeing the rouge vif IRL...

    Does anybody have pics of theirs??? Thanks!
  10. I'll take pics in the morning when it's not all dark - I LOVE mine. You will NOT be disappointed.
  11. OMG...THANKS CHIGIRL for the link...I am so drooling right now. ITS definitely TDF. I hope I can find one today. Are they hard to get?

    Oh yeah, and when did this particular color come out?
  12. oh, and another thing...will the leather on the handles turn darker?

    Should I treat the leather, prior to using? If I don't will it not matter? thanks.
  13. I think the handles will definitely get darker..I've seen pictures with darkened handles...I would definitely treat it with Applegarde and possible the LMB handle protector...worth the money in the long run, if you ask me!!
  14. What is LMB? I've heard of appleguard but which kind? Do I treat the entire bag or just the handles?

    When it turns darker is it the leather peeling off or is it the leather just aquiring dirt off your hands. Thanks!