Help me pick out a Chelsea? lots of PICS

  1. I like the Chelsea bags, which bag is best looking and to carry from casual to nice outfits.

    1 [​IMG]2[​IMG]3[​IMG]4[​IMG]
  2. the 6th or 4th one
  3. Well I'm biased...I have #3 in the black and white sig and she's TDF!!
  4. Well I happen to love satchels so I vote for 3 and my second choice would be 4 (I just love that color). :tup:
  5. I think 3 or 6.
  6. i like the first, second and third bags.
  7. The first. Has anyone seen it in the store?
  8. I really like 3,4,and 6. I think either 3 or 6 would probably be the most practical, depending on how much you carry. I *love* the mineral color, but it might not go with everything, and I'd be too worried about it getting scratched up.
  9. The 3rd one and then the 4th.
  10. i like 1 or 4
  11. 3rd or 4th.
  12. I like #6
  13. 3 and 6!
  14. 1 & 4
  15. 3 and 6....I am eyeing those as my NEXT bag, along w/ the new shoulder flap in brown/brown siggy!!!! DECISIONS!!!!!!