Help me pick out a Chanel!

  1. I think I want one of those black on black chanel quilted tote bags...can anyone provide pics/links?? I saw it on one of the girls on the Hills this past week :smile:

  2. it could be a few bags. . . . a Cambon, a Medallion tote, a Grand or Petit Shopping tote. . .
    remember anything else? Who carried it?
  3. ^^ I think it was Lauren--i'm not sure of its official name but the one that I saw was all black, with the two C's in the middle in was a tote, I think.. I know my best friend loved it so I'll ask her whenever I get to talk to her...she might know what it looks like better...
  4. I think there is another thread about this bag. I believe it is the bag that Lauren got for Christmas and someone said it was the medallion tote.
  5. that was the Medallion tote - it's caviar leather which is the easist to care for and it's $1650.
  6. ya it was the one she got for xmas --
    does this style of bag come any bigger? I would like a bit of a larger throw all my stuff around ;)
  7. Yes!! Monablu Its the medallion caviar tote. I just bought one 2 days ago. And the funny thing is that "The Hills" is what made my final choice of all the great Chanel bags. I will be getting it tomorrow!!!