Help me pick out a bag . . .I think under $2000 or so

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  1. So . . .long story short. I won a 2007 Porsche Cayman worth $50K yesterday that I'm going to sell in 6 months and split with my bf :smile: As my present for myself for my incredible luck, I want to get myself a purse (or have him get me one) :biggrin: Any suggestsions? Right now I have a pink Cambon tote and an LV globe shopper cabas. Despite my love for totes, I'm thinking a nice chocolate or ivory leather bag.
  2. You lucky girl! Congrats for the car! Anyway, as for purses, how about chloe paddington or a balenciaga?? Oh, might as well buy both! you can afford them! Congrats again!
  3. ooooh, how fun!! i would get an ice blue first and a blue india day, both are made by balenciaga, but that's just me since they're both on my list.... hehe

    i'm curious if you won the car, how come you're splitting the money with your bf?
  4. Fun fun fun! How about a patent chanel? I held one for the first time today...wonderful!
  5. Oh yea and yeesh congratulations on winning that thing! What a beast of a score!
  6. Lol, I didn't have an AMEX and I clicked in just because . . .I didn't expect to win at all so I ended up using his credit card. We decided splitting it would be ok since neither of us would have gotten it alone AND he's spending up to $5000 of his portion on an engagement ring :smile:

    I never thought I'd say this, but I don't like having so many bags to choose from! I'll have to visit some boutiques and try some on, but keep throwing out ideas. I'd love to have a chanel east-west at some point, but a more "fun" bag sounds nice, too.
  7. Congrats, I tried to bid on that also, I is nice to actually be in communication with someone that won. As for the bags . . .

    I have a complete obsession with ivory bags right now and I like the Gucci Boston bag in ivory. They also make this one as partof their 85th anniversary line with some extras on it. I also love the the LV Le' Fableaux in Suhali. It is a little over the budget but well worth it. Congrats
  8. Chanel's patent flap.
    For a 'fun' bag, Balenciaga gets my vote.
  9. Definitely go out and try them on! Some things that look goo on other people don't look good on me (e.g. Unstructured hobos are too big on me.) I love Chloe's leather which is why I like them so much. It's so incredibly heavy and soft. But I have 'fun' bags too. I love my little candy blue check Burberry because it is adorably cute and good in the rain too. Let us know what you decide. And congrats to you on the car, the purses, and the ring!!
  10. goo = good. whoops!!
  11. congratz!!!!:smile:

    why dont u give chloe paddy or coco cabas a try???
    balenciaga city bag is worthed too:smile:
  12. I have been thinking about this today, even before you posted this thread!!! I know it is way over $2000, but since it is free money, and may be the only time for a long time you have such excess, I would buy a Hermes. They hold their value, and who knows when you will have the opportunity again!! I say think BIG!!!
  13. Lol, that definately crossed my mind, but I don't know if I'm "ready" for one yet. I'd like to pay off my student loans (thank goodness not that much) and then give the rest to my parents to pay off as much of their house as poss. Plus, I'm thinking about sending them on a trip to China next summer to visit family. But I'll def consider it and visit a boutique when I have the chance!

  14. Well...those are ALL honorable i guess it is hard to argue with paying off school and helping parents, would look with maybe just a Kelly bag???!!!
  15. i agree with annemerrick, :smile:.... a red kelly bag, :smile: