Help me pick one.....

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Which one??

  1. Purse 1

  2. Purse 2

  3. Purse 3

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I love all of!

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  2. The first one is hot
  3. I know. My big concern is that it would be high maintainance and may not match as much as brown or black, but :love: the bag. I am thinking it or the black satchel. The tote I like, but I want something that closes all the way. I love the look of the tote, but I am always worried carrying totes.....but this one is so pretty, so I put it on the poll.
  4. I love the first one!!! I'm a sucker for a turn clock closure like that and the overall style is incredible.
  5. I love the second one!
  6. I like the first one as well, I saw it the other day. I love anything in that Mineral color.
  7. i like the 2nd one, it is just cool looking ;)
  8. I voted for 2. I really love the color and style. Good luck deciding.
  9. #2 the Legacy for sure!
  10. #2...can't go wrong with a classic Legacy slim tote!!!:yes:
  11. The second one... love the legacy!
  12. I voted for the 2nd one. I love that bag. The color is beautiful and it is such a neutral color, it will go with everything.
  13. I voted the second one. I love the way it looked when I saw it in IRL before.
  14. Love the color of the second bag. Very pretty!
  15. #2 for sure! I like #1, but the python has a tendency for the scales to peel back or off completely, and TBH these turnlock hobos are a PITA! They are hard to close, and also tend to buckle on the shoulder unless you force the slouch just right. I have the mineral leather version in this the look, but it's a pain. I also at one time had the chestnut python but sold it because I didn't like the peeling scales issue. I would find the Legacy tote much more convenient, but that's just me. If you don't like that it's not secure, though, then that's definitely an issue. It really depends on what you need/want the bag for.