Help me pick one!

  1. Ok ladies...I ordered a medium camel leather carly, now i'm not so sure I made the right choice. I am now checking out the large soho leather flap in mahogany. I can only have one - which one should I get?? What would you do?? :confused1:

    Pics from Coach of each, attached for your reference! Thanks!
    carly.jpg soho.jpg
  2. Carly for sure!
  3. Carly.....
  4. I'm biased because I just bought the camel Carly for myself, and I love it! I think it can hold much more than the flap (just judging by the size of both - I don't own a flap myself).
  5. Deff the Carly IMO
  6. doubt!!!!!!:yes::yes::yes:
  7. Carly
  8. We don't know if the Carly will stick around, but the Soho flap seems to always be there. So I'd go for the Carly definitely. You can always save up and get the Soho in the future, if you still want it. :smile: Plus the Soho flaps are always at the outlets too.
  9. 100% Carly! I have one and #2 is on its way!
  10. Carly! Love how it slouches!
  11. CARLY!!
  12. Carly
  13. carlyyyyyyyyy!
  14. everyone has suggested the carly and i think they are right, the soho flap will be around FOREVER but you never know with the carly. snatch it up and maybe you can get the flap at an outlet or eBay.
  15. Carly definitely!!! :smile: