Help me pick one...Rebel or Charlie?

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So which bag or which 2?

  1. Electric Blue Hobo

  2. Fuchsia Hobo

  3. Bordeaux Charlie

  4. Cafe Charlie

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. I am always a huge fan of hobo bags but have been gravitating towards satchel in the last many months. Am back to wanting a hobo bag. I have other bags which I rotate a lot so this bag need not be a go to bag or a bag to use everyday. I also wear a lot of colours in my wardrobe so having a bright colour or neutral is not a problem too. I have no other Treesje bag is that helps?

    1. Electric Blue Rebel - I have a lot of blue bags, 4 in fact(satchels, messenger type bag & slouchy not quite hobo bag). They range from bright to navyish blue. I do love the electrifying blue of the Rebel I see in LR's reveal pics.
    2. Fuchsia Rebel - I have a weakness for pinks & have had many pink bags(esp Miu Mius bow satchels) but sold them all save for a Balenciaga(Work bag so it's big & a lotof pink) which is a bright popping pink but it is too precious, I keep it more than I use it.
    3. Bordeaux Charlie - I love the GM on it & I also have no wine-y bag. I had a whole family of them from RM(satchel, hobo) to Miu Miu only to sell them off.
    4. Cafe Charlie - Now this looks like the obvious choice coz I don't have a light neutral(& once when I had a neutral hobo, that is all I used) but I am not a huge fan of glazed lambskin. But I love GM on this.

    Any thoughts? I can swing 2 bags so if I cannot decide on 1, 2 bags it will be but which 2???

    I am very new to Treesje & have been looking around for codes/good deals so if anyone knows of any, do let me know. Thanks.
  2. Here's some pics from Treesje.

    Attached Files:

  3. I always love the Charlie style. The color is pretty too.There are some pictures in the celebrity section.. if you need modeling reference.
  4. ivy, I have been looking at pics, whatever I can find but I feel like I want them all the more I see. I also like the Charlie & so close to getting both Bordeaux & Cafe.
  5. Since we are heading into spring, I vote for the EB Rebel for sure! That's one bag that I really want too! My second choice would be the Charlie in Cafe. I have the Charlie in Timoro, and it's a cool bag. I think the Cafe is a great all year round color, and would be perfect going into Spring! Good luck!
  6. I live in tropical climate & it is SUN here everyday of the year. Do the belts on your Charlie every get caught in anything? Clothes etc?
  7. Just FYI, Treesje uses predominantly/exclusively lambskins, I think. Of the leathers that you've listed, I think they're all glazed to an extent too. (And they're all lambskins, of course. ;))

    EB (in the Rebel) and Fuchsia, if they're anything like the Spring '09 EB and Fuchsia, are definitely lightly glazed/moderately shiny (but absolutely not patent), and Bordeaux is kind of glazed too (not shiny, but not a naked/matte leather either). I think Cafe might actually come closest to a typical lambskin (i.e. soft from the start, matte and fairly untreated-looking -- this is guesswork on my part, since I haven't seen Cafe in person), in fact, although it probably still isn't as delicate as some typical lambskins. They should all break in really nicely, though, as Treesje's leathers tend to do.

    Based on what you've described, it sounds like there's definitely room in your collection for the Rebel! As for the colour, though, I think you may need to evaluate why you sold all your other pink bags, e.g. was it because you simply don't use the colour all that much, or you're pretty particular about the exact shade of pink you've been looking for? If there's any additional reason why you currently only own one pink bag despite having had several, it may be better to get what you know you'd use (EB) than get something that may end up in the back of your closet (Fuchsia).

    As for bag #2 ;), it's a tough call, as they're both gorgeous colours. Bordeaux does have slight purple undertones, such that in certain lighting, you could almost classify it more as a plum colour than a wine-toned colour, so you may need to see this in person if this could be an issue for you. (Are you in SG? If so, I think there might be a store in the Forum that has some Treesjes!) Cafe might be a safer choice as a neutral, and it's a gorgeous leather in its own right, but I do think Bordeaux might be more unique, particularly with the texture and variation!
  8. I have a black charlie, and the belts on the front have never gotten in anything I wear. In fact I had the same worries when I got my toffee knox, but I have no problem with it either. I think Treesje bags are very well designed.

    The only bags that ruin my clothings are RMs. I have a mini beloved with very rough stitchings on the back of the bag that always ruin my sweaters or knits. When I wear my 3 zip rocker, I also have to avoid tops with laces, but I love this bag very much though. I've never had the same problem with Treesje.
  9. Definitely the EB Rebel hobo. I have it and it has exceeded all my expectations in a bag!

    Love it!!

  10. Everytime I wear my croc embossed RM, I ball up the entire side of my more delicate tops. So many have gone to become home clothes or gets thrown away. I also have killed some other tops with those 3 zips rockers. So it is good to know about Treesje not ruining anything.
  11. I think I predominantly do not like the Cafe glazed lambskin kind of leather. I love the leather with use but just don't love the feel of it but I can overlook it if I really like the bag(OK so this part just negates everything away).

    I like the wrinkled texture of Bordeaux...but you brought good points. I might not love the colour. Maybe I should get safer colours like Timoro. OK I need to put some thoughts in this shade. Yes Cafe is the typical lambskin which I don't like but it might be it coz I think a neutral is good.

    I used to wear pink bags everyday & now all I wear are blues(maybe coz I have too many of them?). I accept pinks easily but then they are such WOW colours I get bored of them really fast. I think Blue somehow are safer alternatives but too many would make all my bags look the same after a while.

    Yes I am in SG. Are you from here too? I went to that shop in Dec & their selection is lousy but then I was not into Treesje so I did not pay much attention. Looks like I need to go there when I am back week after next.

  12. I have seen Treesje bags a million times posted on RM & on etailers sites & on celebs but I was never WOWed till I saw your Rebel in EB on RM sf. That make what I think of most Treesje(girly, too sweet) bags changed & here I am thinking of which to get next. Hmmmm maybe I should get EB since it made me pay attention to this brand like it never did before. :nuts:
  13. Yep, I'm from SG too. I was last there later than Dec (i.e. either Jan or Feb), and they'd got a lot more Treesjes in, with quite a few from the Fall '09 collection. This included a couple of Magnolias, including one in Bordeaux. I'm not sure if they'd still have that, though, but if you don't see it in the store, it's worth asking an SA as they also hide stuff in the back. ;) That'd be at least one way to see Bordeaux in person before deciding on the Charlie!

    Hmm, as for the pink vs blue issue, I think it might be more worth getting a bag that's somewhat similar to others in your collection but that you would use more often (so that even if you eventually sell it, you'd have got some use out of it), rather than getting a bag that you might have a tendency to use less often (or for shorter periods of time) just because there's less overlap with the colour in your collection. This is a matter of personal preference, though, as I know there are people who would rather build a collection that covers the widest range of colours possible, just as there are people (myself included) who prefer to stick to the colours they know they'll use even if it means their collections end up having several areas of overlap.

    Heh, strangely, the first Treesjes I got definitely didn't fit into the uber-girly image. (I think that image might be primarily perpetuated by higher-profile styles like the Magnolia, though! Treesje's bags can be feminine, but they definitely aren't always too girly or sweet.) That said, if you know something specific attracted your attention to the brand in the first place, why not follow your gut and go for it? ;) (That is definitely what I have done with a couple other brands!)
  14. Oh, I think it might be worth noting that there have been one or two posts in the past about the Asher's zips causing pilling on a sweater. I've only ever seen a couple mentions of such a problem, though, and have not personally experienced it myself with either my Asher or Magnolia (but then again, I don't typically wear too many delicate tops or even anything knitted). If you might be looking into either of those styles, you could try searching for that thread to bump it again and see if anyone else has had that problem, but if you're not looking at any styles that have zippers on both sides like the Asher and Magnolia, you should be fine, I think. :smile:
  15. I voted for the EB rebel hobo. I think every Treesje fan needs to have an EB's sort of Treesje's signature color. For a second bag, I would go with the Bordeaux Charlie since you don't have any bags in that color right now and you're not a fan of the glazed lambskin. Cafe is really soft but definitely has a light glaze on it.