Help me pick one please!!!!!!!


Natural or Sandstone Giant Hobo? Which one?!

  1. Sandstone Giant Hobo

  2. Natural Giant Hobo

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  1. Okay. Natural GH Brief is going bye bye cause its too big for me. Im getting one of these! Please help me pick whch one, Natural or Sandstone? I need to chose today!
  2. i would say sandstone - it's smashing with the GH and isn't too "blingy" like the natural

    good luck deciding :p
  3. I like the Sandstone better...just because, to me, it's more of a year-round bag. Although, I know some people will carry the lighter color bags all year.

    Either bag is GORGEOUS and a great addition! Enjoy!
  4. I really love the way the sandstone looks so rich with the hardware.
  5. I prefer the sandstone
  6. I like the sandstone, too
  7. Both are great colors but I voted for Sandstone! With Sandstone you won't have to worry so much about it getting dirty. The Hobo is a AWESOME style! CONGRATS on your new bag!:yahoo:
  8. sandstone for me :p
  9. Sandstone looks fabulous with the giant hardware, it really brings out the warm tones in the color.
  10. For practicality reasons, I choose SANDSTONE. Simply because with natural there's too much worrying involved. You'll drive yourself crazy looking at it everyday to determine if there's any smudges or discolorations.

    With sandstone, you can simply enjoy the bag and not have to put up with inconsistencies in such light colored leather.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. i voted for sandstone!
  13. Wow, Sandstone is an overwhelming majority! Sandstone it is
  14. Sandstone!!
  15. Good choice! Post pics when she arrives!