help me pick one of these.....

  1. princy med boston (white leather w/ gg fabric or princy med tote with white leather w/ gg fabric? is this white to white? what is your feedback?
  2. ^^Pics please!!
  3. waitin for the picsss
  4. hmmmm i can't help as not familiar with the bags.
    pics would be very helpful here
  5. Princy tote!
  6. how do i send pic from gucci
  7. I cannot imagine the pic in my mind so pic please. I'm not familiar with Gucci but wanna help.

    PS: Maybe add the links ,pls.
  8. [​IMG]:wlae: This is my newest bag....... I LOVE IT..... THANKS PURSE FORUM FOR ALL YOUR HELP
  9. congrats