Help me pick one from the two rings (hopefully the last one)

Which ring would you choose?

  • A two-tone eternity band. It has diamond pavé infinity (G-I/I1 .25ct tw). Can change YG part into RG

  • U-Prong Seven-Stone Diamond from Bluenile. (I/SI2 .50ct tw). -$960

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Jun 17, 2006
Texas, Germany, Japan, etc.
Ladies, I am still thinking of getting myself a ring. I am not getting married/engaged but I want some sparkles on my finger. Thanks for those who gave me awesome suggestions in the last poll. But I appreciate your advice, but now I am also trying to see what I can get from non-brand jewelers.

I came down to two choices.

1) A two-tone eternity band. It has diamond pavé infinity (G-I/I1 .25ct tw). I was told that I can also have the YG part in RG. - $800

2) U-Prong Seven-Stone Diamond from Bluenile. (I/SI2 .50ct tw). -$960

I tried the first option at a jewelry store, and I liked the design. I also liked the RG option.

I saw the second option at Bluenile and I am thrilled to see that I can double the amount of diamonds. There is $200 price difference which I don't mind.

I personally liked the design of (1) but I think (2) will bring out more sparkle because of its setting and the amount of diamonds. Which one would you pick?


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Sep 5, 2006
^^^^ me too, the second one is more classic and will not o oit of style. I think you will wear it more too.


Sep 11, 2010
I like both rings, but the first one is a more interesting, unique design. The second one is more of a 'staple' and probably more versatile. I don't think either of them would ever got out of style though.


Mar 22, 2007
2nd one, if for no other reason than the first one has i1 clarity and that isn't worth the price.


Mar 22, 2007
If they can make option #1 with better melee it would be worth maybe looking into. Jewelers can source better than I1, and get premium melee. And its not that much more expensive, so make sure that they know you know that, and that you've priced that elsewhere, and can get it with better melee elsewhere for about the same price. It might be a negotiating tactic but see if it works.


UK via AUS and USA
Dec 1, 2012
I think #1 is more unique, but it is a shame about the lower quality of diamonds.

The thing about #2 is that when you do end up getting married, if you're gravitating towards this style now, there's a good chance that you'll end up with a half eternity or full eternity as your wedding band, or at least in your wedding set. And that will likely be larger, nicer diamonds. Do you think that in the long run, you'll actually wear this for years to come? It's nice, but it's quite similar to what most people around here are getting for their wedding bands/anniversary bands, so it's not as special to me.


Mar 22, 2007
I replied to your PM, and added a few links to rings that while they look still slightly weddingbandy are made with better quality diamonds for around the same price point. You're concerned with the quality of these stones and with rightful cause, you don't know what you're getting. I don't think they'll use horrendous quality necessarily in the blue nile rings, but for that price point, I feel you should have more control over knowing that and at the very least, better clarity melee.

Sienna woof

Jan 28, 2013
I personally have the second ring in platinum as a wedding band. (I think even the 14k version cost more than $1000. Is your price after discount?) I enjoy this ring bit don't recommend stacking because it'll scratch other rings. Which finger will you be wearing it?

I do think this ring is more like a wedding band though, and not the most comfortable to wear (I got used to it) because of the u prong setting. Part of the diamonds are exposed and you can feel the edges on other fingers. Maybe the 5 stone version fits better.

You can always order it and try it out. I know bluenile had very good return policy. Good luck!