Help me pick my trasporto stellina

  1. Hi girls,

    I'm confused of which trasporto stellina I should keep. I keep thinking and cant please help me out :idea:

    This is #1
    I :heart: the back placement (kinda my perfect placement), but the front is kinda repetitive.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is #2
    I love the front, but I like the back of #1 better :sad:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    My fav character is the huge sandy balloon, so which one do u guys think I should keep?

  2. If the Sandy balloon is your favorite, I vote #1. She's all over it. :tup:
    (but my personal preference is #2)
  3. I like #2. The front has a really good print placement, and you still have the Sandy balloon on the back.
  4. Yeah, go with the 2nd Stellina
  5. #2
  6. I vote #2. I like school bus in the front.
  7. #2 for sure!!
  8. Definitely #2 for me. I :heart: the bus, and you have Mozz on her scooter right on the top front!

  9. i love 2! gotta love the Scuola Bus!
  10. I'd go with #1. I think it's so cute that you have the Sandy balloon on both front panels. The back print is more for yourself, and since you like #1's placement, I say that's the one to go with.

    Personally, I'd go with #1 as well, even though I'm a huge huge fan of latte.
  11. Go for the one you prefer the front of.
  12. I know! I wish the sandy balloon is on both flaps uncut, then its perfect :p

    keep it coming guys...and thanks to everyone who has voted :tup:
  13. I like #1... but I don't really like the bus, so that's probably why.
  14. since you like the sandy balloon, I'd go w/#1. but if it were me I'd pic #2... hehe.
  15. #2! You have more on the pockets!