help me pick my paddington color!

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  1. hey y'all, i suddenly find myself in the position to buy a paddington in a couple weeks, and i'm horrible at deciding what color to get. i know we've had threads about this before, but since we're all different ages and have different lifestyles, i figured i'd start my own. i'm 19, a college student, and i'm looking for something that i can use basically all the time. i have a brown IF Audra that i love, so i'm not in the market for another brown bag. these are the colors i'm considering:

    anthracite (i know this is the small, but i want the medium)
    white/ivory/cream/whatever they're calling it
    'mousse (grey)'

    the first two ones are available to ship in january, the grey i would have to wait until march for. i'm pretty hard on my bags and i'm usually a pretty casual dresser.

    so what are your thoughts? give me reasons, people!
  2. I'd say black b/c it goes with everything!

    Don't worry, they've got me hooked on this bag too.
  3. i don't like black bags, they're too dark, they hide all the great details!

    the three colors above are the only ones that i'm seriously considering.
  4. I love the spectrum of colors too but I'm afraid if I get say, the red one, I won't be able to carry it as much as I'd like. There all gorgeous though.
  5. Of the three colors you've posted, I like the ivory the best.
  6. Anthracite! It's trendy but not too trendy. It's classy but not too classy. Overall, I just like the color and I'm usually an anti-metallic girl. As for ivory/cream, it's just too hard to take care of it ad I would be anal as hell. As for the 3rd grayish green color, I just don't like the color. It's kinda nasty and cheap looking for a pricey bag.
  7. hi amanda, i'm new to this board. i'm also on the prowl for a new paddy and much as i love the choc brown, i have a brown balenciaga already. i'm thinking either the argent (metallic silver) or the anthra? has anyone seen the silver? how is it?
    my sister has a metallic silver Balenciaga and it's very striking! it's not something she would have chosen by looking at pictures but when we saw it IRL, there was no doubt about that one. it gets noticed all the time and i thought for spending so much on a bag, might as well pick one that's striking!
  8. I am excited for March; another silver hardware paddy. :nuts:

    For you Amanda, depends on your style of dressing really. I got the anthracite because I only do silver or white gold accessories.

    If you wear gold and like gold then the white is classic and beautiful; but, you will have to be more careful with it (dirt and such). Of course, if you can wait till March then the gray is gorgeous IMO.
  9. Hmm Amanda, I'd say get either the Anthracite or the Mousse. I know you've been eyeing the pewter Balanciaga one as well. You know... you should get the Mousse (I love the silver hardware!) Paddington since you've mentioned before that you will probably be getting the pewter Balanciaga in the future! Unless you want two metallic bags...:biggrin:
  10. is it LVR selling the "mousse gray" bag? I wonder if NAP will get it after the New Year?
  11. yeah, it's LVR. i'm leaning towards the grey because you're right USCgirl, i really want the pewter balenciaga. but i can't wait that long! ahhh! and i think the grey is beautiful.
  12. Hey Amanda! Wow I had know idea how old you sounded older than your age,ha,ha! I would get the anth. if I were you.
    I am giving baby paddington a rest for now. I want one from NAP cuz I hate to pre-order, I rather wait for NAP. Can you go to the "my first LV thread"? I was supposed to start a new thread but messed up. I still want your opinion, hope you don't miss it.:love:

    When you have the chance! I see you here! GO FOR ANTH> NOT PEWTOR...not sure about how matte the grey is.
  13. I knew you'd love the Mousse gray! But I totally understand, I have to wait until end of Feb for mine. But can you just pre-order it so it's secure and cancel it if you truly find another color you like?
  14. i went and gave my not-at-all-expert opinion! and thanks for the age compliment, when i was a kid my mom used to tell people i was "___ going on thirty" all the time.

    now i'm leaning back towards the anth...i'm thinking about getting an LV trouville as well, and if i got the anth i could put off the balenciaga until i fall in love with another of their colors (plus pewter is F/W 05 and i heard the leather from that season was crap compared to previous seasons) and that would free up more income for the trouville, which would be my first LV piece.
  15. anthracite for sure!