Help me pick my non-Balenciaga bag!

  1. Trying *so* hard to get myself out of the B-Bag rut:lol: ...I would like a bag that is more unique and less known in terms of the designer. I've narrowed it down- also, I like really nice soft leather and things that don't fall apart so please weigh in with any past experiences on these brands!

    Choice 1: Gerard Darel Leather Satchel : GDarel : Handbags : Gerard Darel :
    (Can't get an image:shame: )

    Choice 2: Bulga Pudding Flap Tote in satin blue

    Choice 3: Anna Corinna Mini City Tote in Butterscotch

    Choice 4: Hayden Harnett Havana Tote or one on sale that I've forgotten the name of ;)

    What do you all think:flowers: ?
    bulgapudding.jpg annacorinna.jpg haydenharnett.jpg
  2. I've been eyeing the Anna Corinna one for a while ... I really like it in the grey color. I've heard good things about Gerard Darel as well but I like the Anna Corinna one better.
  3. I really like the Gerard Darel, although the Anna Corinna bag is cute too. The anna corinna is definitely more unique.
  4. The Anna Corinna. :smile:
  5. GD :smile:
  6. Gerard Darel :yes:
  7. :heart: the gerard darel, but i don't have any personal experience with that designer...i did break out my HH havana hobo this weekend and kept staring in wonderment at all the fabulous details and the incredible quality of the bag. i've had it for a year, it's not been carried much, but it's in great shape, easy to get in and out of, and the quality is just impecable. i'm thinking of getting another one...

    i also have the AC mini tote in rust and i love it. it holds much more than it looks like it holds, and it's incredibly light and easy to carry. the leather isn't as scrumptuous as HH or Botkier, but it's nice, and the shape is really what makes it special. and that you can carry it different ways.

    overall, if you're looking for the highest quality for the money, i would go with HH. but again, i don't have any experience with GD or bulga, so i can't speak about those...

  8. HH bags are really nice. I have a couple of them. Mercer satchel, a hobo in chalk, and just got the Salina pouch in pewter. Very good quality, buttery soft leather and nice details, just as Grechenscloset said above. I'm interested in the GD bags but haven't seen them in person.
  9. Sorry, but I love the Bulga. I was looking at a bag like that earlier today and I know I need to get one, because that thing is SO DARN PRACTICAL! (especially when I travel) Actually, now that I look at it, I think I may need to go investigate that one, because it might be a great bag for ME:P
  10. i'd go with the bulga or the HH, and i'd decide between them based on how you like to carry bags. i like the HH, but it looks like it would hang where a traditional "shoulder" bag hangs, and i don't care for that look on me. the bulga looks like it'd be either handheld or would sit very high on the shoulder, which i'd personally prefer....but everyone has their own style.

    i just bought (and returned) that GD bag you're looking at. i was soooo excited to get it after all of the amazing reviews it gets here, but i was actually really disappointed. the leather wasn't that soft, the shape was just kind of "eh".....i didn't love it. but i know there are some huge fans here - just my 2 cents.:shrugs:

    i actually love the mini city, and was going to get one, but have seen a lot of complaints here about the quality of the AC standards are pretty high these days, so when i hear stories about fraying lining & general lack of attn to detail, it makes me know i won't be happy with a bag. since you're used to bbags, i think you'd probably have the same issue.

  11. i'd get the gerard darel.
  12. Another vote for the Gerard Darel!
  13. :lecture:

    just kidding!!!!!

  14. OR.....come over to the dark side ...... H Forum:devil:
  15. The Hayden Harnett Havana; that color is just gorgeous!