HELP me pick my next tattoo............POLL!!


Which tattoo should I get??

  1. #1

  2. #2

  3. #3

  4. #4

  5. #5

  6. #6

  7. #7

  8. #8

  9. #9

  10. wrist and foot tattoo

  11. just wrist

  12. just foot

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  1. **PLEASE NOTE: This is a multiple choice poll, so you can vote for more than one answer but you have to do it all at once. You can't vote once, submit and vote again.

    Ok so I'm going to Las Vegas in about 2 weeks and I'm planning on getting another tattoo when I'm there. I really want to get a butterfly on the inside of my right wrist but can't decide on if I should just get it in black or add some color. So here is a pic of your options, please help me decide. Also I might get one similar to the flowers tattoo on the foot, it would be on my left foot as well.

    I have olive skin if that helps in the decision process. And I already have 6 them, they're addicting!!


    foot: Oh and should I get the tribal with the flowers or just flowers??
    tattoo1.jpg foottattoo.gif
  2. I'd say #8
  3. I voted just for the foot. Where are you going to get it done at?
  4. Not really a tatoo person- but I love the color of #8.
  5. I voted 9 I like it
  6. probably H&H
  7. I like #3

    what color is your skin?
  8. The foot hurts a lot just to let you know the wrist isn't that bad.... but watch out not to get the image too big on your wrist
  9. I voted number 9. I love the design and the right wrist is exactly where I'd get mine done too if I could figure out what design I wanted to put there. The foot tattoo is beautiful too, I actually saw that image the other day when I was looking at pictures for my own design and loved it! If it were me I'd just get one at a time - that way I'd then have another one to look forward to in the future ^_^ Now that I'm looking at them again I also really like number 4. Please post pics if you do get it done, I'd love to see what it looks like!
  10. To be honest I don't like any of them
  11. I'm not a fan of coloured tattoo's, so i voted no 9, love the design!
  12. I like 7

  13. Make SURE to call ahead and book your appointment........I would call NOW if I were you!! You might have a hard time getting in if you don't.
    p.s. I vote to get the tribal detail and if you have olive skin I choose #5
  14. how about #4.

  15. I'm afraid I have to agree. :yes:

    They all look a bit like transfer tattoos, to me.

    I'm sure there are more artistic ones available, aren't there?

    They also look like they'll go out of fashion very quickly (if they haven't already!).

    Of course, it's totally up to you, but I wouldn't want to be stuck with something that would look old-fashioned so quickly, personally... :sweatdrop: