Help me pick my next slg

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  1. I def have the LV bug hard and with my tax money I'm getting a chanel zippy wallet but after that I will have a little money left over so I want to get a slg my choices are

    a de mini pochette
    a de regular pochette
    an amythest vernis cles
    an amythest vernis sarah wallet

    the only slgs I have are an LV mc Insolite wallet and an mc regular pochette please help
  2. Mini pochette for something different or the cles. I can't live without a cles it's a little gem.
  3. Hands down my favorite and most used SLG is my mini pochette!!! I own a LE mono and a DA...hoping to get a DE soon to round out my trio!

    Second would be the pochette (I have an Eva and she is my 2nd most used).

    Third is my Vernis key pouch!

    Hope this helps you make a decision!
  4. Cosmetic bag?
  5. Mini pochette or cles
  6. I'd go with the mini pochette or cles.
  7. DE Regular pochette
  8. Cles or regular pochette
  9. Vernis Cles it is very versatile!
  10. I love the mini pochette. Sooooo cute. Perfect size.
  11. Cles or Mini Pochette for sure! Both handy and very versatile.
    I love the Sarah too but you already have a full-sized wallet.
    Good luck deciding! I'm sure either choice will make you smile :smile:
  12. Cles sounds like a winner!
  13. seems like it's a tie between the cles or the de mini pochette question for the ladies who own the cles specifically the vernis or mc one do u guys attach it on to just car keys and house keys or do u keep the lanyard and reward cards that u have already on ur keys attached to it too. The reason I ask is that I am a student and I have a lot of school spirt junk on my keys like my pride lanyard and keychains from my honor societies I think it would look like a mess if I carried that with the cles so maybe I should just put my car keys on the cles and keep my house keys on my current keychain

  14. ah you read my mind sushi girl I really do want a cosmetic case and I am going to call the 1866 number to see if I can get te mc noir one I really really love that line and if I can't then I will at some point end up getting a vernis one cause I just think they are so pretty!
  15. since u have a wallet and pochette already, my vote is the cles.